Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dozens of Players Kneel OVERSEAS in London at NFL game


Game off.

It's one thing to kneel in Cleveland. It a WHOLE OTHER BALLGAME in another nation

If the Pats kneel later today, I'm going to have a problem. Other games?


Go to a game and pay for a ticket?


Take the protest to the week, organize a demonstration.

Miss practice

Take fines

Take suspensions

Get benched for principles.


You're a hypocrite, spoiled, brat whose entitlements probably stretch to high school


Anonymous said...
An anon claiming to work at the NFL describes what the atmosphere is like at the corporate office right now: depressing and defeated.
"1. Some NFL teams have been looking into firing players who are pulling this protest shit. But their lawyers have all told them, while they can do it, the fired players could then take them to court and win. The 49ers were among these teams, who have consulted their lawyers; hence why CK never got fired. Their lawyers told them it was cheaper to just let him do his bullshit.
2. Goodell knows he has fucked up big time, but can't do anything except tacitly let the teams blacklist players who pull this shit. Goodell and most of the coaches, know that the players throwing these tantrums have them by the balls. The player's union has sided with them, creating more problems, and you have hate machines like ESPN further making it impossible to do anything to reign players in...."

thelastenglishprince said...

The players can be fired for conduct which affects their club and the NFL league. Period.

I wear scrubs to work. But should I choose to confront a client under my care about anything political (berate them for not voting for Trump) I can and probably would be fired for putting a stain on the hospital brand.

One hundred percent of Americans in Puerto Rico are suffering. Many have lost everything. Floridians and Texans are suffering loss of homes and livelihood. And these spoiled brats who will return to their expensive hotels and homes think I give a flying fish about their leftist agitation propaganda? Nope. THEY have to earn my respect back.

Right now, Texas Baptist Men are flying to Puerto Rico to live out of a retrofitted cruise ship (provided by FEMA) to cook hundreds of thousands of meals for the destitute Americans. Stephen Curry and the Warriors will spend ONE DAY in Washington, D.C. doing "community service".

These are worse clowns than Stephen King's "It". Their malice for our country and people disgusts me.

thelastenglishprince said...

In practically exhibiting canine rabies in my prior post I did not differentiate one fact: Stephen Curry is a member of the NBA Golden States Warriors.

Just another note: The GOAL of these protests is to completely DO AWAY with the National Anthem at sporting events. This is a battle we must win because it is a tradition which has served our nation well for many years. IF these wretched millionaires win, the next disappearance of display of patriotism will be on the college field, and then on down into our local high schools.

We MUST not let them win this fight to remove the National Anthem as a time-honored tradition.

Kid said...

Stopped being interested in thugball LONG time ago.