Thursday, September 28, 2017

The fruits of multiculturalism

Raping a child is okay for certain people in Sweden:
Despite clearly contradicting Swedish law, underage immigrant wives have been repeatedly allowed to stay with their husbands by Sweden's local municipalities, which defend their decisions by citing humanitarian issues.
Those laws are for the White people of Sweden.
At present, Swedish legislation on child marriages seems to be applied differently in different municipalities. Earlier this year, the Administrative Court of Växjö ruled that a 14-year-old pregnant girl could be placed with her adult husband's immigrant family, arguing that this was part of their culture. Remarkably, both the girl and her spouse were highly critical of the Swedish law banning underage marriage.
Of course. They have no qualms about taking thousands of kronor from stupid Swedes. Yet, they have no intention of following the laws of the same dirty infidels. Underage marriage is merely one of the topics.

What about:
  1. Marrying a cousin?
  2. Female genital mutilation?
  3. Beating a wife?
  4. Gender segregation?
  5. Strict hijab?
  6. Banning dogs?
  7. Halaal foods only? etc.
Will the Swedes roll over, murder their own culture, and simply hand their nation over to these savages? Or will they wake up in time to save their nation?

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