Sunday, September 24, 2017


The Last English Prince sends along her thoughts:
The GOAL of these protests is to completely DO AWAY with the National Anthem at sporting events. 
This is a battle we must win because it is a tradition which has served our nation well for many years. 
IF these wretched millionaires win, the next disappearance of display of patriotism will be on the college field, and then on down into our local high schools. 
We MUST not let them win this fight to remove the National Anthem as a time-honored tradition.
In other words, what's at stake is the our right to openly come together in large groups and demonstrate our love for our country, and for our Constitution.

To be more specific, what's at stake is our PATRIOTISM.

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Always On Watch said...

Get a load of this (NYT):

It was NOT solidarity with the playing of the National Anthem. It was solidarity for the players who chose to kneel. This relates to Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars (London)