Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Obviously, Totally Planned Out

What an insult to the Marines they invited to bear the flag.


midnight rider with a personal note to this story:

Every year my son-in-law (in Alaska) flies to the lower 48 for a weekend and meets his college roommate for a Seahawks game, his original home team.

This year it happened to be this game in Nashville.

This past weekend also happened to be my oldest grandson's 6th birthday. Since he is also a huge football fan dad decided to take him along on the trip as a big part of his present.

The kid was beyond thrilled. HIS FIRST NFL GAME!

From the pictures I have seen (haven't had a chance to talk to him yet) he had a blast. It will take a long time to wipe that grin from his face.

But my point is this.

It saddens angers and disgusts me that this happened. True that at his age I doubt he realized what was going on.

But here they are, his dad having spent the round trip airfare tickets & accommodations for not one but 2 seats from Anchorage to Nashville

for the kid to see this. A bunch of overpaid overfed grown men acting like spoiled pampered self indulgent insolent little brats with less manners than my grandson.

And putting a blemish on my grandson's birthday. And his first real NFL game.

How many times was that repeated this weekend across the country (and London, too).

Not only is it a disrespect to our Country and Flag but also to the fans who come and pay to see them
play football. Not act like someone who didn't get their ice cream cone flavor.

Unless and until these little crybabies (oh the President said something so mean) start acting like grown men I am done with professional football.


thelastenglishprince said...

Was Obama there with a USMC officer holding his umbrella?

These look like Marine JROTC, but my son attended the same in high school, wore the uniform, captain of the rifle team, followed orders and etiquette required. What a total humiliation for these young men AND their parents.

Uncomfortable thought? Are we witnessing the emergence of an African tribalism on U.S. soil?

Anyone care to call it what it is? This is not about America. It is about African tribalism and the emergence of tribal strife.

Jan Sobeiski said...

Pathetic little she-man and his bleach blond harlot.

midnight rider said...

My comments added in the body of the post.

This one was a bit personal.

Always On Watch said...

The bleach blond is virtue signalling -- and looking very proud of herself.


Always On Watch said...

Unless and until these little crybabies (oh the President said something so mean) start acting like grown men

Too late, IMO.

Anonymous said...

African tribalism? - LEP

Consider instead:
ANTIFA, America Under Siege documentary by Trevor & Victoria Loudon, Joseph Klein & Judd Saul

thelastenglishprince said...

I have been to Africa and also embedded as a journalist with a family tribal clan in my area for several years. I understand the concept and the dynamic.