Friday, September 29, 2017

Why is the DOJ Blocking the Extradition of a Clinton-Soros Money Man?

From Gateway Pundit:
Why is the DOJ Blocking the Extradition of a Clinton-Soros Money Man? 
What does the Chinese Intelligence turncoat know about the Deep State and why are they protecting him? 
Miles Kwok has been convicted of multi-billion dollar financial crimes in both the United States and China after working as a Chinese intelligence asset and receiving the three highest medals from Chinese intelligence for providing surveillance on US political figures. 
While working for Chinese Intel, Kwok was tied to political bribes, kidnappings, misappropriation of funds and alleged abuse of women – including charges of rape and confinement. 
Then, however, Kwok turned on his spymasters and stole approximately $8 billion dollars from the Chinese State in a sophisticated financial crime. 
During his time in the United States, Kwok has emerged as a major bundler and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. He was seen at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference in New York and has been seen dining at Cipriani at the Sherry Netherland where Kwok lives in a $4.8 million-dollar apartment with George Soros. 
Soros has been a major funder of the Clintons and has funded various front organizations, think tanks and charities who utilize violence and disruption in their attempts to destabilize President Trump. Their goal is to topple Democratically elected governments, particularly in Eastern Europe. 
Soros was, of course, a Nazi collaborator. Kwok has become a sticking point in US-Sino negotiations in North Korea. Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the issue of Kwok’s extradition in formal negotiations at Mar Lago. 
Dr. Henry Kissinger has argued the chances of continued and increased Chinese cooperation in disarming North Korea would be enhanced if Kwok was extradited. 
Not surprisingly, leading the charge to fight Kwok’s extradition to China is Democrat super lawyer David Boise who represented Al Gore before the US Supreme Court in the 2000 Presidential recount.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Xinping himself offered to stand down and let the US strike North Korea if they gave up Kwok. I wonder if there is any truth to the rumour that Kwok will be extradited next week, and if so, could a strike on North Korea follow??