Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Left's Freelance Constitutional Convention, By The Power of Their Fists

From Bloomberg:
Over 200 years, many people have suggested ways in which we might be better off without freedom of speech, or religion, or assembly -- or any of the other rights enumerated in the nine other initial amendments... That's normal. 
What should never be normal is what we are now witnessing: those folks appointing themselves a freelance constitutional convention, editing out the rights they find vexing, and enforcing their new rules with the power of their fists. 
But that is what has happened. If we have to spend $600,000 to ensure that these people cannot arrogate to themselves powers we won't even allow our government, then that's probably a price worth paying. 
What we cannot afford to do is become inured to how outrageous it is. 
Every time it happens, we have to remind ourselves that all this security is the price we’re paying to protect ourselves from thieves who want to steal our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. And that it is possible to once again live in a world where this is not normal.

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