Sunday, September 24, 2017

Trump and Kaepernick and LeBron and idiocy

Two weeks ago during the season’s opening NFL Pre Game show I did something I have never done in 67 years.
They stopped talking about football. They talked about kneeling. And talked. And talked.
I can hear that all day on the cable news stations. I tuned in to hear about the GAMES that day.
I don’t want these guys fired. I don’t want to see them kneeling.
I want them to express themselves buy ORGANIZING PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS DURING THE WEEK, SKIPPING PRACTICE and practicing civil and corporate disobedience, and taking the fines and suspensions that causes. I suspect this will separate the wheat from the chaff
On Sunday I want them to well ….

And Trump, stop picking fights with EVERYONE, FOCUS down on the 3 or 4 promises that got you elected, and don’t be a president suggesting people lose their livelihoods because you don't like how they express themselves (even when they owe their incredible living to the system that provided them with the means to both protest and act like kings)
LeBron, when you open up that trap of yours saying things the way you do, proving your INADEQUACY to do so, you make us all dumber.
By the way, when Obama was president, Tom Brady NEVER went to the White House either. Did it get notice?
I wonder why not?


Always On Watch said...

IMO, LeBron embarrassed himself with his rambling statement yesterday.

Beyond that, he managed to fortify a particular racist stereotype.

Pastorius said...

When the players kneel like that, during the nationally televised games, they are employing the power of the NFL, and team franchise Brands to do co-Branding for their own causes.

The Media then broadcasts their commercials to millions of people FOR FREE.

In other words, they are stealing ad time for free, and the Media is in on it.

Why the Owners put up with this, I have no fucking idea.

They are being ripped off.

And it is effecting the real value of their respective Franchise Brands, as ratings tank.

Always On Watch said...

I expect NFL players to take the knee en masse now. Something similar will happen in MLB, too.

Mass showing off.

Attention whores.

Camera whores.

Dock their pay! Isn't there something in their contracts to justify doing so?

thelastenglishprince said...

Disagree with some of the post, Epa. The football players do not own the platform and they have a captive audience, many who paid high-cotton for their tickets so they could spend a couple of hours relaxing and away from the burden of the day. Have to head to work, because what I earn is a spit in the bucket compared to what NFL players earn. So let me just link to my thoughts at TLEP this morning.

Epaminondas said...

Yeah TLEP, that's why I said, do it during the week and take the fines and suspensions for missing practice which WILL result (and maybe benchings)

I don't want to see this when I turn on a football game, and I don't want to hear it during the pregame shows, displacing analysis of games and performances

Unknown said...

TRUMP, Stop talking about sports and BUILD THAT WALL!!
We need to troll him daily on his promise to BUILD THE WALL! !!

Epaminondas said...

John - ON THE NOSE. HE didn't get elected for being pissed off over a 3rd string qb

Pastorius said...

My opinion is the reason he's stirring up this meaningless shit is to keep his base who are pissed about his not making meaningful progress on the wall.

Epaminondas said...

Possible, Pasto. Progress on promises made is limited at best, the rest is ALL an open question or at this time (McMaster/Gorka) BROKEN