Monday, September 18, 2017

The party's over: Republicans and Democrats are both finished

From CNBC:
..Trump is continuing to exploit the breakdown of major party influence, pushing for conservative priorities like tax reform and a ban on immigrants from several Muslim countries tied to terrorism, even as he also makes deals with Democrats on the debt ceiling, DACA, and maybe even Obamacare. 
We all know just how loudly and angrily the left has been reacting to President Trump in general. But in case there's any doubt about how the partisan right is responding to the Trump team's moves lately, there shouldn't be. They're infuriated. 
But there's also seems to be an understanding that there's little they can do about it. Somewhere, George Washington's ghost must be smiling wide with those wooden teeth of his. It was Washington who warned against the formation of political parties 
The important thing to remember is that all the craziness we're seeing in Washington these days is not just the result of this president's personality or some new level of political anger across the country. 
An old order that's been in place for generations that kept a lid on the kind of chaos we've seen in recent months has crumbled. 
These are uncharted waters for sure, but they may not lead to such bad results. After all, the partisan political structure in place for so long has brought us numerous wars, $20 trillion in debt and a government that's grown well beyond its usefulness. Love or hate it, it's time to face this new reality: 
The Democratic and the Republican parties as we know them are finished...

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Always On Watch said...

The GOP and the Dems = the Uniparty.

Is it time for "a third" party?