Saturday, December 07, 2019

Developing: Three Saudi Nationals Were Filming Saudi Shooter’s Terror Attack Today in Florida — 6 Saudi Nationals Arrested

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Shooting took place on base early Friday morning, sparking a lockdown 
Sources identified the suspected gunman as Saudi Air Force aviation student Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani 
As of Friday evening, six Saudi nationals have been detained for questioning 
It's reported that three of them filmed the shooting as it happened 
Rep Matt Gaetz, a Republican representing Pensacola, called the shooting 'an act of terrorism' 
President Trump tweeted that King Salman told him 'the Saudi people are greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter...' 
Three other people were shot and killed during incident inside classroom building on base

By the way:
Twenty 'hand-picked' Saudi airmen training at Pensacola are among the 62,700 foreign military personnel the US trains each year 
In the 2018 fiscal year, some 62,700 foreign military students from 155 countries participated in U.S.-run training, the total cost of which was approximately $776.3 million, according to DoD records. Among them is a contingent Saudis who recently arrived at Naval Air Station Pensacola. 
In recent weeks, 18 naval aviators and two aircrew members from the Royal Saudi Naval Forces were training with the U.S. Navy, including a stint at Pensacola, according to a November 15 press release from the Navy. It was not clear if the suspected shooter was part of that delegation.

Pensacola Shooter Was Member of Saudi Arabia’s Military 

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