Friday, December 06, 2019

Former NYT "Public Editor," Now WaPo Hack: How Can We, The Unbiased Fact-Finding Media, Convince Our Deplorable Fellow Citizens to Do What We Want and Impeach This Motherf***er?

How should journalists respond to the stalemate, other than to keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing? The hint of a possible solution appears in the tracking of public opinion on impeachment at Nate Silver’s, under the headline, "Plenty Of People Are Persuadable On Impeachment." 
A paradox arises herein, and a weird one, at that. There’s a group the trackers call "less-certain Republicans"-- about 12 percent of the sample, not huge but given the even split in support for impeachment, mighty important.

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Anonymous said...

This is pure ideology- a whole profession willing to impeach themselves in order to reclaim their control over the rest of us.

— Ewin Barnett