Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mayor Pete unmasked as a Bernie Sanders-socialist sympathizer

It has recently come to wider attention, thanks to the new media and social media, that Buttigieg’s father Joseph, who passed away last year, was a leading Marxist academic. The Washington Examiner actually broke this story last April, but it was largely ignored, probably because back then Pete Buttigieg, an unknown mayor of a small rust belt city with a minimal political resume, was considered an asterisk in this year’s race for the Democrat nomination – until recently, that is, after his strong showing in last Monday’s Iowa Caucus. And the desire of Democrat bigwigs to anoint someone to stop the equally surging but harder to swallow full-throated socialist Bernie Sanders.
The elder Buttigieg, according to Emily Larsen and Joseph Simonson writing in the Examiner:
was a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.
Joseph Buttigieg, who died in January [2019] at the age of 71, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s from Malta and in 1980 joined the University of Notre Dame faculty, where he taught modern European literature and literary theory. He supported an updated version of Marxism that jettisoned some of Marx and Engel’s more doctrinaire theories, though he was undoubtedly Marxist.
The parallels here with Barack Hussein Obama are striking. At his high-profile launch in July 2004 when he delivered the keynote speech at the Democrat National Convention in Boston that nominated John Kerry and for the next four years, Obama presented himself as a moderate. In 2007-’08, he ran to the right – relatively speaking – of Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Democrat presidential nomination. 

While a handful of reporters and commentators tried to bring Obama’s extreme radical left background to wider attention, his previous career, writings, and associations were completely whitewashed and largely ignored by the mainstream. It wasn’t until he assumed office and ruled for eight years that his promise to “transform” America would start to be appreciated for what it was.

A number of mainstream talking head pundits are already making what they see as favorable comparisons between Obama and Buttigieg. Both of them boast an Ivy League pedigree, they are (or were, in the case of Obama) young and appealing figures, and they are smooth, glib talkers. Buttigieg is currently getting the buzz, as well, because the leftist power brokers clearly see someone like him as more electable than the aging, dour, in-your-face socialist Sanders. 

Waiting in the wings, meanwhile, is multi-billionaire Mike Bloomberg. The former New York City mayor, however, who is prepared to self-fund his campaign to the tune of $2 billion, carries a lot of baggage if he’s to be the one to stop Sanders and beat Donald Trump. Buttigieg – who Forbes last June estimated has a net worth of only $100,000 – would more likely be much easier for leftist Democrats, and many independent and even Republican voters, to swallow.

With all of this disturbing information now coming to light, the question today should be: Is Pete Buttigieg, like Obama, another wolf in sheep’s clothing? The increasingly strong possibility, I think it is safe to say, is YES.


Anonymous said...

More on Vanilla-Obama,who entered the military through a little-used shortcut: direct commission in the reserves"...

"Civilian and military candidates submit application packages and a board votes in secret to choose those who will be commissioned..." Reince Priebus & Hunter Biden & Sean Spicer :

Pete Buttigieg is misleading voters about his ‘military’ record. He pulled some strings and got in with no training, no boot camp, no anything and very briefly did office work in a cubicle on a base in Afghanistan for a few weeks and quickly left:

TheHill: states that he served a sum total of nine months on active duty. Give him credit for any service

Pete Buttigieg Is a National Hero ... in Malta The Maltese are already making plans for what they will do if their favorite son’s son, Pete Buttigieg, is elected as the next U.S. president.

His dad founded a Marxist society and translated Gramsci's work.

“Mayor Pete” worked for Joe Schmitz as a political operative as an Intel officer. He worked in Libya and Syria before that with his Arabic skills....Navy Intel Tunisia. Language instructor. Speaks not only Arabic but also Farsi and Urdu subtle differences. Great for weapons brokering

Sounds more and more like a CIA asset

Anonymous said...

Vanilla Obama just endorsed the Mexican Cartel with this stance…

Pete Buttigieg DOUBLES DOWN, Says No Jail Time for Heroin, Meth Possession
By David Rufful – February 13, 2020