Tuesday, April 13, 2021

California, This Is Your School System

Oh, sure there are good teachers out there. But this teacher won't be fired, will she?
In a video obtained by Fox News, San Marcos High School teacher Alissa Piro can be heard raising her voice at a virtual classroom of juniors, daring their parents to “come at me” over their collective push to end remote learning and return to in-person instruction full time. 
In another video shared on Facebook, Piro can be heard aggressively yelling at a student who inquired about a “White student union.” 
“You don’t need a White student union, Jace. You get everything,” the teacher retorts. Jace (the white male in her class) was granted permission to skip Piro’s class for five days. 
Before he returned, Jace and his father sat down with Piro and Principal Adam Dawson for a “restorative meeting” during which he said Piro apologized. 
Despite this, Jace’s dad was surprised to find that his son’s grade in Piro’s class had dropped weeks later. “Jace was getting straight A’s in school. After that incident he had a B in that class,” Jim recalled. Piro blamed a computer error and eventually corrected it. 
A former student told Fox News that Piro would regularly demean teens who vocalized political viewpoints that differed from her own. “She’s a good teacher when she’s teaching but these rants aren’t new,” she said.