Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Is Biden trying to sabotage Israeli army moves?

Benny Avni at the NY Sun is asking this:
As Iran suffers a host of mysterious mishaps, Israelis are at arms over press leaks of sensitive military information. Are Israeli officials too eager to brag about their battlefield success, or are Americans, in an effort to appease the ayatollahs, trying to sabotage Israel’s military efforts?

At issue is a leak to the New York Times on last week’s attack on an Iranian ship. And even as Israelis debate the consequences of that leak, the headlines were grabbed by a new operation in Iran — at the nuclear facility at Nantaz. Who is whispering to reporters, spilling details that according to Israel’s official policy should remain secret?*

Sunday morning’s damage to the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz, described by Tehran officials as “nuclear terrorism,” was immediately seized-on by the Israeli press. Newspapers described the event in remarkably uniform language, indicating reporters were briefed from on high within the Israeli government.

According to these reports the damage at Natanz was much more extensive than the Iranian officials let on. Several papers — hint-hint, wink, wink — ran sidebars documenting past Israeli operations like the now famous Stuxnet cyber attack on Natanz, widely reported at the time as an America-Israeli joint effort.

If Israeli officials indeed brief their press off the record, as the Sunday coverage indicates, they’re likely using the event as part of psychological war with an Iranian regime. The Islamic Republic is seen by nearly all Israelis as the country’s top threat.

Then again, too, Israeli commentators smell politics, suspecting lieutenants of Prime Minister Netanyahu are taking credit for each mishap in Iran — including events caused by that country’s crumbling infrastructure.
Whether or not Biden's bunch are trying to make things difficult, they certainly aren't doing much to help stop the threat Iran poses. All they are is a disgrace. And that's what the NY Times is too.

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