Thursday, April 08, 2021

Israel must not be bound by a resurrected Iran deal

For this year's Holocaust Memorial Day, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear Joe Biden's intent on resurrecting the Iran deal is something Israel cannot be bound to:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Wednesday that Israel will not be bound by a revitalized nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, declaring that the Jewish state is obligated only to defending itself against those who seek to destroy it.

In a speech at the Yad Vashem memorial museum during Israel’s official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, Netanyahu referred to negotiations in Vienna aimed at bringing the US back into the 2015 nuclear pact while getting Iran to abide by its commitments to the unraveling deal.

“A deal with Iran that threatens us with annihilation will not obligate us,”
Netanyahu declared.

“Unlike in the past, today there is no one in the world that will deprive us of the right and the might to defend ourselves from an existential threat,” he said. “The nuclear deal with Iran is once again on the table. Such deals with extreme regimes are worthless.”

“I say to our closest friends too: ‘A deal with Iran that threatens us with annihilation will not obligate us.’ Only one thing will obligate us: to prevent those who wish to destroy us from carrying out their plans.”

Netanyahu has often used his speeches at Holocaust-related events to invoke Iran as the new existential threat to the Jewish people’s existence.
And Islamofascism itself still remains a serious issue, even with some mainly Islamic countries like the UAE signing peace deals with Israel lately. There's very vital reason to be worried.

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