Monday, May 03, 2021

Anyone Know German?

This article suggests Merkel is more and more open about her communist ambitions for Germany.

This article features a pdf that I can't simply cut and past into Google Translate. 

I can only understand every tenth word of German, so I have no ability to decipher the pdf at all. 

Here's the past before the pdf.

Ken Jebsen: This perverse plan is published in official papers that hardly any ordinary citizen reads. But in the end you shouldn't say that it all happened secretly. 

✅ Abolish private property 

✅ Abolish elections 

✅ Abolish money etc.


Anonymous said...

Authoritarian and Globalist really. It kind of subsumes Communism as we in the US think of it. It's been a goal of the EU elite, nothing new really. They used to try to sell it under a fig leaf of paternalism but persuasion hasn't worked well enough. So now the fist is beginning to emerge from behind the curtain.

A number of people I know think the EU is ready to topple and the fearful elite are getting ready to go to the mattresses. I'm not so sure. Euros are a pliable lot.

It is funny that modern English and German languages share a common ancestor but translating between the two languages today is much more difficult than between English and any of the Romance languages.

Pastorius said...

Yes, it is.

I can read French, Spanish, and Italian well enough to understand. But i can barely understand any of German.