Monday, May 10, 2021

School chaplain reported to terrorist watchdog and forced out of job for sermon on identity politics

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Bernard Randall, who is ordained in the Church of England and is a former chaplain of Christ’s College, Cambridge, is taking Trent College to court for discrimination, harassment, victimisation and unfair dismissal.

Dr Randall said: “My story sends a message to other Christians that you are not free to talk about your faith. It seems it is no longer enough to just ‘tolerate’ LGBT ideology. You must accept it without question and no debate is allowed without serious consequences. Someone else will decide what is and what isn’t acceptable, and suddenly you can become an outcast, possibly for the rest of your life." 

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: "Who are the extremists in this story? The moderate school chaplain with an intelligent, mild mannered and thoughtful sermon or Educate and Celebrate encouraging staff to smash heteronormativity?" 


Anonymous said...

I just came across this atrocity on Wikipedia... I didn't know about it. And I'm somebody who pays attention to this sort of thing. We are heading here again, if we aren't already there: Stasi program to wreck psychological harm on "enemies of the state"

Just read the entry. Targeted harassment using psychological profiles and personal information harvested from surveillance. This process could easily be automated now, a kind of 'dark-side marketing'

I note in the history of this program that when it was reported on, it was scoffed at by many in government and the media, dismissing the allegations as far fetched. I have no doubt that a modern version of this *is* happening now.
My take on it...

Pastorius said...

This is what cancelling and Doxing is all about.