Saturday, May 15, 2021

Shocking: Fauci Admits That At Least 40%, and Maybe As High as 50%, of His Own Agency's Employees are Refusing to Get the Vaccine

These people are engaging in a public pressure campaign to get other people to take the vaccine while refusing to do so themselves?! 
There is only one reasonable conclusion to draw from this! Walensky is merely "encouraging" her staffers at the CDC to get vaccinated, while proposing "vaccine passports" to mandate that the rest of us do?!


thelastenglishprince said...

It seems there are extraordinary measures to get people vaccinated. If it is not a lottery, it is days off work, bonus checks, PTO, vacations, a free for all. What I was not aware of but suspected, is the immense bullying inflicted by the vaccinated against those who choose not to do the same. Facebook has life long friends who are parting ways over this issue.

The vaccinated, consider themselves resident experts on a topic their scarcely understand. The unvacccinated, the new Jews, the others, the Nazi ready to destroy our lives.
I cannot tolerate - bullies.

Pastorius said...

Great comment. You said so much there, in so few words.