Friday, October 10, 2008

What the American election is about

Wednesday morning's 7:00 AM Israel Radio news opened with a clip from Tuesday night's Presidential debate in the US. It was McCain and Obama on Iran. John Sidney McCain asked bluntly what the US would do if it were in Israel's position - being threatened with annihilation by another country who refers to it as a 'stinking corpse.' He accused his opponent of wanting to talk, talk, talk to Iran. And he said that at the end of the day, we cannot allow a second Holocaust. Democrat Barack Hussein Obama said that we cannot allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon and that he would never take the military option off the table. But he never said he would use it. He said that we can't give the UN a veto, but that we have to do more diplomatically. We have to 'talk, talk, talk.' A more 'nuanced' version of what he said before. As you might imagine, Israelis hang on every word in this discussion. Let's go to the videotape.


die Realität said...

There are more important things for Obi than Israel. First of all his ego ... O. politics as usual - no change at all. vote for him and you go down as allways! USA you could really make history but only if you overcome your vietnam syndrome - and thats only possible with (the real Uncle Sam) McCain/Palin. Get involved in the fight and the United States will become strong again and prosperous. The other side promoted for years your death as a great nation and as a great economy (by the way: do you wan't a president with terrorists as his close friends?). Still undecided? Don't make the mistakes we did in europe and dont' choose socialism - never again!

Anonymous said...

die Realität said..." USA you could really make history "

Indeed. If sane people would step back and take a breath . . .realize that this global financial collapse has been orchestrated for years. Attempting to document financial disaster & pin it on the opposition began in earnest well over two years ago. The MSM began reporting dire gloom on Wall Street confounding all indicators which contradicted those reports.

Soros/Heinz-Kerry and company weren't about to accept their '04 political investment losses quietly. This global financial collapse was orchestrated not only to manipulate this election but to make up for past losses and soak us all for their pain. They are currently profiting from this calamity financially and it's all too possible they will reap huge power gains politically - around the globe.

Obama, like Kerry is a mere puppet/marionette to these players.

Somehow, the strings must be cut. . .it's a matter of survival.

Pastorius said...

Great post, Carl. I hope we Americans vote McCain in. However, I don't have much confidence in us getting it right.

And, even if we do, I don't have much confidence that he'll be any better President than Bush. He certainly seems to lack vision.

And, so does Palin, by the way.