Friday, October 10, 2008

Why have the democrats selected hyper partisanship over country?

At a time that now seems months ago, on the day John McCain suspended his campaign I really expected that in recognizing the moment of peril the people faced, the elected representatives would act in the interests of the people.

Instead we got a display of the gross weaknesses of our system.

We got Nancy Pelosi's literally incredible speech. We got Harry Reid who now answers criticism with outrageous and disgusting charges of racism. We got Barney Frank's astonishing GALL and chutzpah in not only avoiding any responsibility in this fiasco ENTIRELY of the government's making whether by lack of oversight, or legal entanglement in stupid over-regulation, but also in seeking to put the blame onto 'de-regulation' - clear code for 'blame the greedy businessmen all of whom are republicans'.

Worst of all we get critcism of Barack Obama answered by movement towards criminalizing and silencing such actions by those who blithely snicker at Bushitler, and yet perform as the opening acts of an Obamastalin so cocksure their goals are so worthy, as contrated to their opponents', that their descent is worthy and unnoticed.

At first I didn't understand why the nation's interest and the people's welfare were so second placed to something else. How could party interest take primacy over economic (and therefore ultimately National Security and Military) disaster for the people?

I can UNDERSTAND conservative republican reluctance to fund a buyout/bailout of anyone. I can understand liberal and progressive democrats in seeing a buyout/bailout of such dimensions of bankers, professional gamblers, and gigantic businesses being reluctant to move forward unless those not so paid as these others were given what they considered to be equal shrift.

But I cannot understand bringing resolute movement to a complete halt to blame the other.

I have only ONE explanation left to me.

It's not just an election. There have been Democratic presidents before

It's outright systemic corruption that causes them to act in such a manner.
Fear of being uncovered added TO radical left politics for the 'greater good'. But the latter, you can be sure, is just cover to some.

Americans, it's time to warm up the tar, regardless of party.
There is plenty of blame to go around, but the feathers are for those who took money, discounts, and favors, with a wink and a nod, and thought they actually were serving the nation year after year, while doing the people more damage than any Islamist could imagine.

This furious nation has every right to get ready for it.

Chris Dodd heading down Constitution Avenue covered in tar and feathers with his discounted Countrywide 'special customer' mortgage stapled to his three piece. The Board of AIG, and Franklin Raines (with his deed for his brand new $5 million condo). The entire banking and finance committee of the House, with those who spoke of holding back the regulators taking special precedence. The head of the SEC.

CORRUPTION. Not errors.

Amid the news of market after market crashing out of control of any government, central bank or group of governments, Iceland itself in complete collapse, to see Nancy Pelosi try to blame the republicans as if that helps ANYTHING is to see the factionalism the founding fathers warned against win out over the goodwill of American citizens, and the progressive democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank and Harry Reid are it's Kings and Queens.

Tyrants of our destruction.

It's time for a party to GET RID OF THEM ALL.

And why oh why have the 'reformers' been pecking at the edges instead of going for the heart of all this?

These people have brought us to all the way back to THIS MOMENT IN TIME.
It will be up to us to make certain we have all learned something in 2100 years.

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