Saturday, January 30, 2010

The laments of the center-left, or 'the discrete charm of the bourgoisee'

In 1972 we heard of Richard Nixon, 'I don't know how he got elected, I don't know a single person who voted for him'. Nixon was certainly an execrable president, but there is no argument his opponent in 1972 could not have figured out a way to get less votes if he had tried.

And now, amid the post Katrina-like denouement after Scott Brown's ascent, what do we hear?

Eleanor Clift of the tea party people:
It's hard to take their rhetoric seriously

Charles Blow of the NYT:
The president simply couldn't seem to escape his professorial past, to convey his passion and convictions in the plain words of plain folks, and to breach the chasm between the People's House and people's houses.

Gail Collins on the KSM Trials:
As I was saying, last November, the Justice Department announced that the terror trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed would be held in Manhattan. Almost everyone in New York rallied around. This was seen as standing up to terrorism.

Joan Walsh, Salon:
In case he wasn't fully aware that Republicans are impervious to his political charm, President Obama saw it early in his first State of the Union address. After ticking off a list of taxes he'd lowered, the chamber was in cheers -- except for the GOP side of the aisle, where traditionally tax-cutters have clustered. Obama smiled and ad-libbed, "I expected some applause for that one."
These confused, unrealistic pleading sort of whines are very informative.
  • They do NOT comprehend WHAT IT IS the tea party people are so totally dedicated about, except foggy comprehension of anger and snarling, most of which does not really redound to their own benefit, anyway.

  • They believe if Obama merely explains himself better, all will be well.

  • They really believe the republicans have done nothing but say no, offered no plans of their own, and that the people believe that as they do

  • They believe FOREIGN enemies of the United States, anywhere on the planet, and our way of life deserve all the benefits of Americans in court when captured in the act of slaughtering Americans, and that the world will celebrate this attitude and all will be better.

Is it any wonder they do not really understand what is going on around them?


Always On Watch said...

How to reason with them?

Pastorius said...

Many people on our side of the aisle focused their wrath on the section of Obama's speech in which he blamed Bush.

That bugged me, of course. However, I think there was some truth to what he said as well.

The section of the speech that really pissed me off was when he said to the Republicans, who he had essentially labeled as knee-jerk obstructionists, "If you have a better idea, then let me know. I want to hear it."


There have been other ideas floated, the main one being John Boehner's proposal:

But, the most important idea out there seems to be left on the table by everyone.


Epaminondas said...

DeMint had a proposal out there THE DAY ALL THIS STARTED IN THE SPRING. The two main points?



HE is a freaking liar.