Thursday, January 28, 2010

F-22 Raptor

For Ozero and the Democrats some forms of economic "stimulus" are more equal than others. While they have $Billions to funnel to their pet constituencies, there just wasn't any deficit dollars for the F-22 Raptor. I guess the folks at Lockheed/Martin and Boeing don't contribute to SEIU. The only "waste" the Democrats are capable of locating within the federal budget is at the DoD. Nancy Pelosi wants to include defense spending in Ozero's so-called budget freeze, but not entitlements. The actions of the Democrats for the last year make it clear who that are at war with. And it's not Jihadists, whose existence they refuse to acknowledge. Ah, but the defense budget.... There's money there for buying votes and "saving" jobs.

Keep a close watch on your retirement funds, that will be the desperate Democrats next target. Those 401ks may be the last piece of loot left in the country.

F-22 Raptor Airshow Demo at Langley Air Force Base:

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Anonymous said...

Scary stuff. Very scary to even hear this woman open her pie hole.

I swear, I feel like I'm in some sort of twilight zone.

I need to buy a gun, or two. Stat. Then I'll learn how to shoot it. Note to self.

Michael Travis said...

Been at Hanscom AFB for a series of conferences this week..... Depressing.

On Topic.... the US Military does not want, and is opposed to the F-22 programme as offered.

The F-35 is also a boondoggle... as offered.

christian soldier said...

if you love the R-22 - you'll like this photo-
and bho-at Alaska AF base...

Pastorius said...

What an amazing jet.

Epaminondas said...

It's so amazing that according to Robert 'I'll go with Hesham Islam instead of Mr Coughlin' Gates ..we only need 183 to replace 751 F-15's in the air superiority role.

The good news is, that eventually we will have precisely one plane, in a one plane air force but it can defeat the whole world.

Michael Travis said...

"The good news is, that eventually we will have precisely one plane, in a one plane air force but it can defeat the whole world."


Back to the Raptor.

Overpriced..Optics and Avionics package (as offered) not up to scratch.

Epaminondas said...

"Overpriced..Optics and Avionics package (as offered) not up to scratch."
True also

But the F-4 sucked presented not even a pistol.

You have to have a good airframe pckge to start with. That's why the phantom and F-15 succeeded, but planes like the F7U Cutlass failed.

My sense is that the raptor, while not designed or blasting caves or T-90's will get us to the air fight being the 'firstest with the mostest'.

Gates' argument, that we need to blast caves, etc argues to bring back the Douglas Skyraiders or reopen the warthog lines (that would be fine by me). But I have the feeling he REALLY expects an all UAV air force piloted by 11th graders by 2030.

His argument that more F-35's is better will fail since Pelosi et al are already cutting that total procurement by 25% b4 the first unit enters service.