Thursday, January 28, 2010

The other side:Progressive thought patterns .. State of the Union, Justice Alito and Facts

Americablog, which touts it mission as the people deserving the truth, live blogged SOTU and Alito's mouthing of 'not true'.

The comments of the left, way left and ridiculous left should be sampled to truly appreciate the thought patterns, including the reactions to presentation of fact as 'funny'.

The amazing display is HERE

A sample:

"The 5 Justices who ruled in favor of corporate control of our elections are lucky they aren't being hung on national TV for treason. We are now officially a Fascist State. Our little experiment in representative Democracy is over"

"Not that I would ever wish anything bad on anyone... but I sure hope Obama gets to put a few more judges on the SC before his Presidency is over.

We could use more Sotomayors (well to the left of her would be even better) and a less Alitos."

"He's just overturned a century of legal president as an activist judge trying to install his unitary executive (dictator). He hates democracy and he's the one with the power to destroy it, legally."

"Those bastards on the supreme court who decided on behalf of corporations deserve to be put in stocks in the village square, for attempting to destroy the country, it's social contract, and enslave every man, women and child in this country who doesn't happen to be a billionaire or near billionaire.

Calling them out in the state of the union speech is letting them off easy."
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Alexander M√ľnch said...


Stolen from AOW,


I did see Obama's State of the Union analysis & Vid. On CNN!... Not a word, Not a pips, Not a squeak about Israel or Palestinians !! He did not forget to mention this stuff ! The time isn't right yet! The timer was set for the crazy August !

I'm sure that you have seen Pamela's beautiful work on Atlas, "Hajj Amin & Hitler" and "Islam & Nazism" in three parts so far! This is more or less, the main theme of my Blog. The faith of MY family ( on both of may parent's sides ), are directly connected to this 'Satanic Marriage between these two "Civilizations"! ! My grand Father fought in the GREAT WAR, my parents and their siblings fought in WW2, I fought in (only...) four "Little Wars" and small "bitts pieces"!... My twins, one a Tank Commander ( like father like son!...), the other "just an artillery chap", are more then eager "To Go In" and "Fix it once and for all" !... Fools! I have nightmares seeing my grandchildren doing the same!... See here:- (especially at the end...).

All the best,


Epaminondas said...

Dead center on the top shelf of the bookcase behind my desk is THIS

Anonymous said...

From your link to what's on your bookcse, EPA -

1 used from $999.98

Wow! What's the story behind the rarity of this publication? Was it pulled like Alms for Jihad?

Seems like Atlas is onto something bigger than I anticipated at first.
It's good to see this information surface and attract the degree of attention it is garnering.

Epaminondas said...

I'm glad more sunshine is on this, but cmon... these facts have been known for LONG TIME. Even if the blueprints could be tagged to Husseini, there's nothing new which can be said.

For years it has been known that he wrote letters to the leaders of occupied european nations looking for help to transport the jews of palestine to the camps.

I have published these letters and so has Pamela.

For this information to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world, the world must be ready to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT - like conclude that the arabs were NEVER innocent victims and were as culpable as the WAFFEN SS and Krupp.

Are they?


Anonymous said...

All true EPA, yet with the interest Atlas managed to spur, we may all be surprised by what surfaces.

Back to my other question, and I am sincerely very curious about the rarity of that book. Do you have any clue as to why Jenny Lebel's (Zeni Lebl) book, published Sept. 2007 is so rare ?
The Serbian publishers site simply says it was sold out. Since the only available copy for purchase is valued at a cool grand here in the US. . .there is obvious interest in re-printing. What gives? Politics?

Epaminondas said...

The book has been published with several physical oddities that may account for this. For instance the binding is printed upside down compared to all other books, and internally there are several other such weird things as well.

For granular detail of Husseini in Palestine there are some great items in Segev's 'One Palestine Complete'.

Once you read and learn it becomes pretty obvious that this is, thanks to such people a religious war (at least on that side) and resolution is not amenable to any political maneuver, which is why there is none.

It kind of killed my patience with fools pressuring Israel as if they are negotiating with the AFL-CIO