Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walid Shoebat's $15,000 Challenge To A Dhimmified Apologist For Islam

From Walid Shoebat:

It is blatantly wrong “to equate all of the Muslim religion to evil.” To say that is “tantamount to a former Baptist going to Saudi Arabia and equating all Baptists with abortion-doctor killers.”

So says Mr. J. Todd Foster, the managing editor of the Bristol Herald Courier, in a Nov. 8, 2009, article against me.

Can one even rightfully compare Evangelicals or Catholics to Muslims?

Here is my challenge to Foster: I am willing to go to the largest mass at the Vatican in Rome dressed up in Muslim garb with a Koran in hand if Foster agrees to go to the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with a visible cross around his neck. If Foster turns up unscathed I will pay him the sum of $15,000, apologize and repent publicly from saying anything against Islam or Muslims.

Go read the whole thing.


revereridesagain said...

Love it. I hope Walid really rides this guy about this because Foster must know that if he tries it he will come out of there with his head in a sack. Hard to say what would be more fun, watching him try anyway or reading his apology.

Pastorius said...

Oh, I would love to see him, full of hubris, take the challenge.

It would be a lesson to all dhimmis.

Anonymous said...

Walid Shoebat, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq etc. each demonstrate the enormous brain power released once the shackles of Islam are discarded.

Having just watched the YouTube video of Croatian Maksim Mrvica tickling the ivories, noting his talent was nurtured despite the noose of the Balkans War, and couldn't help but contemplate the enormity of the brain drain - all of it restrained by Islam's doctrines or it's bloody jihad to conquer and dominate.

Imagine how rich our world could be, the art, the music, the philosophy, etc. if the next generation were to be free of this doctrine that chokes so much out of life?

Pastorius said...

Yes, and that is born out pretty clearly in the United States. Arabs, even many Arab Muslims, become very well-educated, innovative, creative, and productive here in the U.S.

The 2002 United Nations Report on Developing Nations concentrated specifically on the Arab world. One of the findings was that during the ten years comprising the 1990's, a total of a mere 200 patents were awarded to people living in the Arab nations. During the same period of time over 17,000 patents were awarded to people living in the tiny country of South Korea.

That's what Islam does to people. It takes away their will to inquiry, to creativity and innovation.