Friday, January 29, 2010

Depressed Souls In A Lost City

Lately I have been so busy that I haven't been able to either make any videos or write about anything whatsoever. I just don't have the time to write regularly--my job is keeping me busy.

However, I have had the time to notice what's going on around me. First off, I notice more and more that there are less people on the flights, especially from Europe. And even the people that are flying are not going to Dubai as tourists, no, they are just connecting onwards to other destinations.

Every year, around December, we have a shopping festival here in Dubai and usually its hyped up with advertisements all over the place but this year we haven't heard a word about it. It might have something to do with the financial crisis that the government here pretends doesn't exist...but then I am just saying "it might" be the reason.

When the Israelis attacked the terrorists in Gaza (because they were tired of getting rocket attacked every day), there were places after places where they were asking for aid for the "poor children and families of Gazans". When Pakistan was hit by an earthquake (I believe it was 2005), again there were places for aid. However, no one gives a crap about Haiti. Yeah, I haven't seen any outcry about the way Muslim countries are not even willing to extend a helping hand. But of course the Swiss decide to ban minarets and the whole UMMA comes crying down on the Swiss.

Oh and just to add to all of this, I also noticed that a Hamas leader was murdered in Dubai. Aw, that's so sad!! I don't think anyone should ask what he was doing in Dubai in the first place--I thought Islam was a religion of peace and that Dubai was a prime example of how Muslims were "oh so modern" and tolerant of everyone and "oh so against violence".

This was just a random update on the depressed souls in this lost city.

For now, I am alive and well!


Pastorius said...

We've certainly been highlighting the fact that there is no aid for Haiti from Muslim countries.

But, check this out. Dubai is actually the only Muslim country, that I know of, who has contributed.

However, it isn't what you might think:

Anonymous said...

Yup, as expected. It is for Arab families. Others aren't human enough to deserve the "generous" aid from a multi-billionaire. But then, I won't blame the dude, his emirate is over 120 billion dollars in debt with virtually no help in sight.

Being on top of the world one day and then treated like trash the other, I don't think that's a good feeling at all.

Anonymous said...

Robert Spencer posted an update on the ME aid to Haiti this afternoon:

US Embassy trumpets Muslim aid to Haiti

As for waning tourist interest in Dubai, recent reports from the msm weren't very flattering:

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