Sunday, January 31, 2010

This one goes to the commenter who shall no longer be known as Anonymous

Art Tatum
Mighty Like A Rose


Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Sweet.

And, ... I've never heard this before?

Thank you!

midnight rider said...

Tis where Mr Costello, no small Jazz fan himself, got the name for his album.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see that. And I call myself a fan! Did you listen to Lillian Nordica's 1908 recording?

His mother's name is Lillian:)

midnight rider said...

I'd never heard that recording before. Interesting.

midnight rider said...

It's interesting, though, that he'd name an album after a Jazz/pop standard and then not include a recording of it on the album.

Anonymous said...

He's very interesting. I next get to see him on April 24. Can't wait.

He's a music fan extraordinaire. I prefer his country side to his jazz side, but his song Almost Ideal Eyes off My Flame Burns Blue, is one of my favorites, and I'm one of those who gets headaches from jazz. Play me some mountain music.