Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Howard Zinn, historian who challenged status quo, dies at 87


revereridesagain said...

It's not nice to speak ill of the dead.

But then, I've never claimed to be "nice".

Epaminondas said...

Is Damon delivering the eulogy?

Pastorius said...

That might be a good idea. I don't trust myself.

You notice there was no comment with the headline.


Pastorius said...

All I can say is:

mah29001 said...

Bah, what a hypocrite he was.

He complained about the wealth really never being redistributed throughout America's history, but then he didn't mind a comfortable job as a professor and received a pay check from the same government he despised.

Parasite? Or am I being too harsh toward someone who had kicked the bucket?

Pastorius said...

Not only that, he also got rich off that book he wrote.

Chomsky is a rich man too.

Michael Moore has been proven to invest in the very corporations he criticizes for being evil.

These guys are all hypocrites.

Unknown said...

Always tell folks, the People's History of the United States should have been titled, The Leftists People's History of the United States. If you take it at that, it does a pretty good job.

Also, I saw him speak once. He recommended that academics spend more time in the library. I liked that.

Pastorius said...

I heard him interviewed by Dennis Prager once. In the end, he was intellectually honest enough to admit that his and Dennis' disagreements were not quantitative (that is they didn't disagree on the facts of history), but were instead qualitative (the way each characterized the facts).

Prager said he believed America was a net gain for the world.

Zinn (accepting the same facts) said he believed America was a net loss for the world.

So, intellectual honesty aside, he was a fucking idiot, and an ungrateful asshole to boot.

There, you got my eulogy.

cjk said...

Pastorius:"Prager said he believed America was a net gain for the world.

Zinn (accepting the same facts) said he believed America was a net loss for the world."

Excellent..... Anyone who thinks America is a net loss for the world is either ignorant of world history, incredibly stupid, or a liar.
I don't think he was ignorant of world history, but he did generate a lot of fame and fortune for himself through the disingenuous stands he took....Your eulogy is far too kind.

Epaminondas said...

Those who think the most freedom POSSIBLE results in a net loss for the world have told us all we need to know about themselves.


Pastorius said...

Is Howard Zinn's death a net gain, or a net loss, for the world?

revereridesagain said...

An experimental discussion with a couple of people (only marginally knowledgeable about the jihad) on the content of Thiessen's "Courting Disaster" boiled down to one basic response: "He's lying".

And yes, Zinn got filthy rich off that vile book of his.

Pastorius said...

Our country is so absolutely 9/10, it amazing and despicable.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddence to Bad Rubbish. The world is a better place with one less Commie POS.