Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cartoon Wars Revisited

Minnesota Man Receives Misdemeanor Charges After Putting Anti-Muslim Cartoons Around St. Cloud, MN...His Lawyer Vows To Fight

I will keep trying to find a picture of the cartoon he put up . . . A Minnesota man faces misdemeanor charges after admitting to posting anti-Muslim cartoons around St. Cloud, MN.

Sidney Elyea said he posted the cartoons in front of a mosque and Somali-owned store in apparent violation of a city ordinance. He faces up to $250 in fines for posting materials on fixtures.

His attorney vowed to fight the charges – arguing Elyea was exercising his right to free speech.

The cartoons featured the Prophet Mohammad engaged in bestiality, a swastika and other offensive images. (If it had Jesus on it, the state would call it art - and pay for it! -ed)

St. Cloud city attorney Jan Peterson said the cartoons were sexually explicit and were designed to harass Muslim citizens. The city’s mayor wanted Elyea to face legal consequences.

“When people do something like this, they’re doing it because they want to create some kind of reaction,” Mayor Dave Kleis told WCCO. “So they should be ready for the consequences.”

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