Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Christian Jihadist

I know this is a serious story. However, I can't help but laugh.

Alcoa pastor's son accuses him of pulling gun during argument at church

Colquitt reportedly told officers that his father — Joe Colquitt, 60, Evergreen Farms Lane, Greenback — called him to St. John Missionary Baptist Church, 178 Bessie Harvey Ave., Alcoa, “so they could talk.” Joe Colquitt was listed in the Alcoa report as being pastor at the church.

Once Michael Colquitt arrived to meet his father, he said Joe Colquitt was upset because he wasn't attending church like he should, and at some point alleged the argument came to a head with the pastor pulling out a handgun.

“(Michael) Colquitt stated (Joe) Colquitt pulled out a handgun and stated he would kill him, his wife and family,” the report said. “(Michael) Colquitt stated (his father) was upset because he cussed him.”

The father says he didn't really threaten to kill his son's family. Instead, God did.

Freaking funny.

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William Dunigan said...

Greetings to all, in the name of our both Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ, and our soon coming King of Kings and Lord of Lord's.
Some within our world today...are saying...if not with words, by their life style, Jesus: if you're truly coming back again...Please...make it at a later time...also let me know a few months in advance, so that I can change my life style, as I'm now living it up, to the fullest extent, me being involved with sinful practices.

Let me say this: there is no life within sinful practices, When living your life in sin, you're not truly living you're only existing, from day to day.
Partaking in sinful practices has the appearance of living it up...even so; you're only partaking of a rebellious also a seducing spirit, also selling your soul far too cheaply.

True fun is flowing in life...true life only comes from the giver of life...the one who gives life and that more abundantly, "Jesus."

Warm Regards

William Dunigan