Saturday, August 28, 2010

Imam Feisal Rauf's Book Includes a Reference To Qaradawi Fatwa On Whether American Muslim Troops May Fight In Afghanistan

From John Jay (he of the lack of capitals):

it seems that one muhammad abdur al-rashid, the "ranking muslim chaplain" in the u.s. military very shortly after september 11, 2001 anticipated american muslim troops fighting in afghanistan, so he fired off a request for a legal ruling from islamic authority, in the person of sheik yusuf al-qaradawi, as to whether american muslim would be permitted under islam to fight against their co-religionists there.  

(for more on sheikh yousef al-qaradhawi, as he is also known, and his long standing relationship to imam feisel abdul rauf, please see atlas shrugs's article, "... ground zero mosque imam's ... extremism exposed.")

mr. muhammad abdur al-rashid asked for a fatwa on whether it was permissible under islamic law and religious doctraine for american muslim troops to fight in afghanistan, or whether they should refuse order to do so, and refuse to fight against their fellow muslims.  it is as fucking simple as that.

muhammad abdur al-rashid, and american army officer, is asking a qatari sheik whether islam will permit american troops to fight in a war as directed by their chain of command.   

do you understand that?  an american army officer.

do you get that.  and american army officer is asking an islamic religious authority if islam permits american troops to fight as ordered.  

please consider, if you are capable of the mental gymnastic ...

Go read the whole thing.

Just so you understand who it is that Rauf is referencing in this passage, here is a video of Sheikh Qaradawi praising Adolph Hitler, and expressing his wish to kill the Jews.


Unknown said...

Isen't religious freedom great?But what if he would have ruled against it?It makes one thing clear!Where their allegiance lays!So much for their pledge as US military?

Pastorius said...

Religious Freedom is great. The problem only enters when you have a religion which does not tolerate religious freedom.

And, that being said, it is not my opinion that Islam should even be called a religion at all.

john jay said...


thanks for the link and excerpt.

and, i think you do me great justice by having the video of the sheik laying out his views on the matter.

this fellow, the rabid sheik, is described by imam rauf as a great friend, and fellow moderate islamist.

again, thank you much for the link and the excerpt.

john jay

Pastorius said...

You're more than welcome. Thanks for the great post.

Could you give me a link on the Imam claiming Qaradawi as a friend?

john jay said...


no, i do not have a link on that.

but, i have read several sources where rauf describes his attendance at "interfaith" & "bridge building" conferences in which he describes qaradhawi also in attendance, and describes being cordial in his association.

he describes qaradhawi as a "moderate" muslim.

i have just purchased "what's right w/ islam,...", the first edition, and when i am reading it i will pay close attention to this issue. if i come across it again, i will post it here, and provide links if possible.

don't worry. rauf is not slandered. laughing.

john jay

Pastorius said...

Oh, I'm not worried. I don't think one could say anything bad enough to slander this man.

I'm convinced he is a thoroughly bad human being.

john jay said...


bono said that?

you cudda knocked me over w/ a feather when i read that.

that kinda made my whole week. amazing. utterly amazing.

i may have to recalibrate on some things.

john jay

Pastorius said...

Yes, he did say that, but then he went and spent time sitting next to Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) the man who said that, if he had his way, Salman Rushdie would be dead for having written the Satanic Verses.

So, in his quest for "peace", Bono is willing to compromise on Sharia, apparently.