Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29 2005

Randy Newman
Louisiana 1927


Unknown said...

Hi Midnight.
Thanks for the great video and song!
Great way to start the day!

American Rose said...

Well, I frankly could have done without more pictures. It's like it's some sort of stain on our government when folks had plenty of warning that a hurricane was coming. WTF? It's one disaster that you can predict. And if I have to think of that racist, thug mayor again, I'll puke. Yeah, kind of sick of the veneration this natural disaster gets.

Pastorius said...

American Rose,
You're awesome.

midnight rider said...

No. no political intention here. No blame coming from me. Just a reminder that we lost 1800 Americans that day and nearly lost an American city.

You don't like the fucking pictures don't fucking look at them. Just like people don't want to see pictures of 9/11 or Beslan again.

American Rose said...

Damn, Midnight. You are some kind of pissed at me!

Listen, it's real easy for me to sit here in the moutains of Appalachia and let Israel take out Iranian nuke sites, because I am not going to die in the ensuing war. Bibi has a lot to weigh. I think of him daily! My only hope is that if he does do it, Iran will turn out to be a paper tiger full of hot air and Iranians will rise up at the chance to depose a theocratic regime and, of course, ... that America will stand with Israel.

SamenoKami said...

A great example of what happens to people before, during and after, when they wait on gov't to help instead of acting on their own.

midnight rider said...

Actually, Rose, nothing could be further from the truth. I'm not pissed at you, not even a litle teensy bit.

In the case of this post my reaction is the same as it would be to anyone wo says they are tired of looking at the pics or 9/11 or Beslan or beheadings or stonings or hangings etc. Some people (like me) will remember words more. Most people, however, will remember the pictures and so I put them up, both as a reminder of what has happeend and can happen again and as a tribute to those who died. In this case SamenoKami is dead spot on. Many people could have left but didn't. There were those that couldn't (leaving the whole idle school buses aside). Their mistake was in waiting for federal state or local help instead of taking responsibility for their own safety. Waiting again for the handout.

As far as Bibi and Iran I admit I'm still scratching my head on your turnaround on that because I think if they are an existential threat to Israel then either directly or indirectly they are to us as well.

But I disagree with you on it, nothing more. Not angry at you. Not at all.

American Rose said...


You called me "insane!" And here, you're basically telling me to "fuck off!' May the force help me if I really do piss you off!

Not that I want you to hold back. Bring it!

midnight rider said...

To be honest what I said was "I don't think Pastorius was questioning your intelligence or patriotism. Maybe your sanity."

(see it here)

But let's face it, not a one of us here has the market cornered on rationality all the time.

As for this post (or any other) if I wanted to tell you to fuck off I would use just that term (never been shy about it) despite what it might do to my "genteel" image :)

The comment irritated me and when I get irritated I cuss. The reason it irritated me is the same reason it irritated me when everyone started asking the media to stop showing the loops of the Towers shortly after 9/11. I think they should have kept showing those loops, over and over and over. Keep the wound open and raw for everyone, instead of letting the salve be put on it which now gives rise to the building of a muslim whorehouse where the Towers used to stand.

American Rose said...

I totally agree with you about showing the attack on the WTT every freaking day. And getting the word out on the criminality of this cult that is pisslam is imperative.