Sunday, August 29, 2010


The answer is "NO!"

Anti-Semitism is unanimous in the Islamic world.

Iranian TV: In Many Countries, the Jews Kill People and Mix Their Blood with the Matza of Zion

From Weasel Zippers:
Following are excerpts from a TV debate on Holocaust denial, which aired on Al-Alam TV (Iran) on August 8, 2010:

Syrian researcher and publisher Muhammad Shaykjani: First of all, there is a Koranic verse that says: “Thus, the killing of their children was presented favorably to many polytheists.”

Those who kill children in order to use their blood to get close to the god of sacrifice have turned to killing the children of the Christians in London and Paris, in Switzerland and Austria. They were expelled from Britain when murdered children were found on one of their holidays. In Syria, they murdered a Christian priest, and the murderers were executed. In many countries, on the Matza of Zion holiday, they would kill people, take the blood of the victims, and mix it with the Matza of Zion.

The Jews mixed philosophy, religion, and politics. Throughout history, they have been continuously developing their religion in accordance with the circumstances, until they reached Zionism. Judaism has come to mean Zionism, and in recent times, Judaism has come to mean “Holocaustism.”

According to the Torah, the Lord enjoined them to conduct a seven-day sacrificial burning. The “burning” is a sacred ritual of worship. I consider this to be proof of the falsity of the Holocaust, and biblical evidence that they have drawn the lie of the Holocaust from the Torah. Their reliance upon the Torah proves that the Holocaust is a lie, and that it never happened. It also shows that the Holocaust doctrine is deeply engrained in their minds and in their rituals.


Trencherbone said...

Human sacrifice...

Alexander Münch said...


Now I'm absolutely convinced !
You are doing it to ME on purpose !...

I was Goggling and surfing on the Net for the past 5 hours, and almost every second Site/Blog had something disgusting to say about Israel, Jews, Zionism, Pigs, Monkeys, Maggots & Shmeggots... You name it !
The last one was a Malaysian "Brain Jerker" E-mailing me Via my blog, telling me that now he knows where I live and that he is on his way to settle the account with me for the "Crimes committed by the Jews through out History all over the world, especially the Holocaust inflicted upon the Pakistani people by the 'Zionist Angels of Death' in the recent floods" !

That's it Pasto !
I had it! I'm a broken man ! They won!
And I can't take it any more !


Just a question...
Don't WE ( the Bloggers ), give to much ECHO to their FARTS ?....
They don't mind ! The more CNN,U-Tube, fuckbook, etc hours they get, - the better!

Pastorius said...

Though I was not born a Jew, and though I was not raised a Jew, I take anti-Semitism very personally.

Alexander Münch said...

What's on your mind, will? Royalties?...

Blood libel

Anonymous said...

consider... it is Iran

it is a "woman" with a sign, she probably cant read

so some government Flying Monkey put it in her hsnds.

the Iraninian people want Western sex, drugs an Rock n Roll.

what is being forced upon them is Arabification.. and they are Persians.

i got the impression from some the Iranians i have met that Islam there wouldn't last till Xmas if they had a choice.

Pastorius said...

The Iranian Muslims I meet here in the United States seem to like Islam well enough.

The Iranian Christians I meet HATE ISLAM.