Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anti-Tea Party groups turn violent

From the Examiner
Workers prepare for the 'Restoring Honor' rally at the Lincoln Memorial.
On the eve of the massive 'Restoring Honor' gathering at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Saturday, anti-Tea Party groups have turned violent.

According to U.S. News and World Report,

'One of Washington's principal supporters of the Tea Party movement, former GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey's FreedomWorks, has been receiving death threats and profanity-laced phone calls as it gets involved in the fall elections. The number and intensity have reached such heights that the organization is leaving its downtown location near the FBI and moving to a high-security building near the U.S. Capitol.

'"FreedomWorks and Dick Armey receive dozens of threatening and harassing calls and E-mails each day. Many imply violence and use of weapons," spokesman Adam Brandon tells Whispers. "As we get closer to the election we expect the harassment to increase."'

Yet another indication of the growing violence is that gun shots were fired at a GOP office in Salisbury, Maryland on Wednesday.

The gathering tomorrow in the nation's capital is spearheaded by Fox News personality Glenn Beck. Billed as the 'Restoring Honor' event, Beck maintains that the intent of the gathering is non-political and will focus on traditional American values as encapsulated by the nation's Founders--honor, liberty, faith, and truth.
Yet Beck himself has been the recipient of direct threats from those who oppose the rally.

New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz threatened to confront Beck and "Restoring Honor" attendees at the Lincoln Memorial.

Meanwhile, a civil rights leader has compared the Tea Party Movement to the KKK, although the movement began in response to reckless government spending and high taxes during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.  In addition, numerous African-Americans have come forward to state that they themselves are members of various Tea Party groups across the nation.

Further, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.--Dr. Alveda King--is one of the speakers at the Beck rally tomorrow in Washington and defended the gathering against charges of racism.

In an eloquent op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor, Dr. Alveda King stated the following:

"Americans are hungry to reclaim the symbols of our liberty, hard won by an unlikely group of outnumbered, outgunned, underfunded patriots determined not to live in servitude to the British Empire. If we want to sing the national anthem at a memorial to the man who led this fledgling nation out of slavery, and made my people free, we should be able to send our voices soaring to the heavens.

"Glenn Beck’s “Rally to Restore Honor” this Saturday will give us that chance, and that’s why I feel it’s important for me to be there.


Anonymous said...

Two quotes from above: "Yet Beck himself has been the recipient of direct threats from those who oppose the rally."
" the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.--Dr. Alveda King--is one of the speakers at the Beck rally tomorrow . . ."

Beck alluded to these threats on his radio program this morning. He mentioned Alveda's bone chilling remark about the intensifying antagonism building within the community - again, referencing the socio-political climate of her uncle and father's time. Her own daughter (paraphrased) told her to do what she must, but then 'come home', indicating a fear that the threat is real and they are both aware of what is at stake.

Beck also mentioned that three years ago, he counselled his own young children to keep journals, specifically instructing them to diligently note the truth about their father, so time, political expediency doesn't erase the truth they know their father had lived.

Beck is taking these death threats seriously. He is a driven man. Such determination moves a nation. This movement is what disturbs the left. They can control the msm, the print media, the airwaves, the Congress and Senate, Courts - but the progressives simply cannot control/alter/limit/reduce/erase the truth on such a wholesale level.

May God bring Becks passion to the masses in safety and honor.

Epaminondas said...

Where is Nancy Pelosi when you need her?


Pastorius said...

Thank God for Alveda King speaking out.