Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama The Christian Opposes Archaeological Work In The Holy Land?

 From Will: 
Flashback - Feb 2010: The United States-based Time Magazine complained this week that the archaeological activities of the City of David Foundation, also known as “Ir David” or “Elad,” are making life difficult for President Barack Obama. 
It complicates efforts by the White House to enable both Palestinians and Israelis to share Jerusalem as their respective capitals, a key demand of the Palestinians.”
The article, which claimed “the willful jumbling of science and faith is threatening Jerusalem's precarious spiritual balance,” essentially accuses the City of David Foundation, which McGirk refers to as a “right-wing Jewish settler organization,” of hijacking Israel's political agenda.  
It also implies the organization is forcing Muslims to accept the Jewish truth of Biblical historical statements through archaeological discoveries. 
So if i understand this correctly Time (Obama) does not want to see archaeological discoveries that might confirm Biblical texts cause it might upset Muslims?
Strange way of reasoning for a Christian?


Damien said...
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Damien said...


Some of this is actually kind of strange thinking for anyone.

"It also implies the organization is forcing Muslims to accept the Jewish truth of Biblical historical statements through archaeological discoveries."

If it does, isn't that kind of like saying that paleontologist are forcing people to accept the truth of evolution through paleontological discoveries? How can scientists force you to accept anything by making discoveries that contradict the way you already think? People can just choose to ignore them, even if it isn't wise to do so.

As for the claim that they are jumbling science and faith, if they are, and they falsify evidence or deliberately over look anything that contradicts them, than they will risk being exposed by other scientists, including archaeologists, especially outside Israel.

Black_Rain said...

because Mo re-wrote, plagiarized, himself into the Jewish history to prove to them he was the true Messiah.. but being not only illiterate, ignorant and F'n STUPID.. he did a laughable deplorable job, compounded by not remembering what lies he had concocted in the process. he retold lies with totally different story lines..

here is a good example from "Prophet of Doom". absolutely the best explanation of and history of Mo. he took all the redundancies out of the 3 best translations of the Koran.. made it Chronological and explains it with the Sunnah, Hiddah and Sira. 10,000 hours in the making.. the e-Book is free, the Book is 988 pages for ~$90-$100. I'm selling a kidney to get one.

the Jewish historical literature has proved un-changing over thousands of years, dead sea scrolls ..validate, archaeological evidence backs up the literature.. Mo's version only proves he was totally insane. his only purpose was to run a scam to steal his families property ..the Kaaba,

his wife ran the concessions, she was very rich.. his uncle got the family inheritance.. tho Mo was the only son. but they weren't going to hand it over to the VILLAGE IDIOT.. it pissed him off.

so... if the Jewish record is proved true.. Islam is a parse, it isn't a religion... never was. simple as that