Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Muslim Mafia

I have just one question, why aren't we using RICO Statutes to shut down every Saudi-funded Mosque in the United States of America?

From Trencherbone:

Islamic criminality
Mohammed told his followers that the earth and everything on it belonged to Allah. Since everybody but Mohammedans were infidels or kuffars (non-believers), Allah has awarded their lands, property, women and children to the true believers. This provided the 'theological' justification for divinely approved criminality of every kind.

Mohammed led the way by raiding caravans and raping captured women. He soon attracted an eager band of followers wanting to follow his example. This tradition of Allah giving the Mohammedans permission take whatever they like from the infidels continues to the present day.

Muslim ingratitude
All their ever-growing demands are just asking for what they regard as rightfully theirs in the first place, and the infidels can expect no thanks for giving it to them. Living with Islam is about give and take - we give, they take.

Muslim Mafia
The 'ethical' principles of Islam are unlike those of any other religion.
Murder, rape, theft, fraud, child prostitution etc are only viewed crimes when committed against fellow Muslims (the Ummah). Predatory attacks on infidels are OK, and have Allah's blessing when they are carried out as part of the global Jihad.

Muslims dominate the British underworld, and control British jails where prisoners are forced to convert to Islam. Those converts who abandon Islam after release are followed up and killed for apostasy.

Muslims are the main drug dealers in Britain, and use heroin not only to earn money for jihad, but as a weapon of war to destroy infidel societies.

Islam is not so much a religion as an international criminal conspiracy. It has more in common with the Mafia than with Methodism. Like the Mafia loyalty to the mob trumps everything, and like the Mafia, once you've joined the only way out is death.

One Enormous Razzia
"The recent phenomenon of Islamic terrorism against the west, and certain unwelcome aspects of the increasing Muslim presence in Western countries, seem new to us but, in reality, owe more than just a passing nod of acknowledgement to the Arab Bedouin tradition of the plundering raid (ghazwa or razzia.). The razzia, with its opportunistic seizure of spoils (anfal) was undertaken by a desert people who were unable or unwilling to contribute to the creation of their needs; so the Bedouin, who neither grew nor made anything, simply pillaged what they wanted from others. Likewise, Muslim emigrants keep their “eyes on the prize” when choosing a destination country and seem to find nations that are devoid of generous welfare systems and high standards of living, singularly unappealing.

Migration for financial betterment is neither reprehensible nor new, and has been a primary motivating factor for many former immigrant groups; however, no group in the past has sought to bend the host country to its will, rather than assimilate, as have those of the Islamic faith. Unprecedented concessions have been made to Muslims and will continue to be made as they persistently chip away at the Western edifice. We can expect that any concessions granted will do no more than embolden the petitioners and encourage even more, and greater, demands in the future. If the demands are resisted or denied, and their numbers are sufficient, there will be civil disruption and confrontations as we see regularly in the media. The foreign policies of several European countries have been, or are in the process of being, modified to prevent a Muslim backlash, either physical or electoral.

It’s evident that a two pronged pincer manoeuvre is well under way, with one faction of Islam softening us up by threatening to blast and terrorise us into submission, and the “good-cop” wing, represented by the various national Islamic councils and other Muslim interest groups, who are “grooming” us with assurances that, by dealing with them, we can avoid all the unpleasantness and bloodshed by acquiescing and “going along quietly”. Option “B” is merely option “A” by stealth, with a sugar coating; both lead to an identical outcome; and that is an influence on our way of life disproportionate to their numbers. Our governments have warmed to the sweeter, soft option without realizing it is merely the other side of the jihadi coin. Rather than recognising and confronting this insidious and incremental erosion of our culture, our leaders have decided that it’s easier to retreat a yard than advance an inch.

Barbarous and predatory conduct
"Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, found no need to explain or justify his unprovoked looting raids which suggests that the attitude of, “it’s there for the taking” and the lure of “something-for-nothing” was already well established and accepted as normal behaviour. This barbarous and predatory conduct may have, in time, changed—as it did with the Vikings— had it not been for Islam. Muhammad’s divinely sanctioned marauding of booty-laden merchant’s caravans became the imprimatur that entrenched opportunism and predation as, not only legitimate, but in fact exemplary, thereby immutably casting the die for eternity.

With Islam’s belief that all is preordained, where even the most minute detail in day to day life only happens because Allah has previously willed it, (the inshallah mentality), it doesn’t require a great stretch of the imagination to conceive that, in the Muslim mind, Allah has permitted Western society to develop, succeed and prosper so as to present the “faithful” with a ready-made “walk-in-walk-out”, “under new management” takeover, complete with a functioning infrastructure and a populace steadily retreating into an ever increasing degree of subservient “dhimmitude”.

Sexually deprived packs of feral Muslim males
Polygamy ensures alpha-males get extra women, leading to a shortage of women for the betas. Beta-males must either jerk off (a sin leading to hell), or form dog-packs and rape or capture kafir women as booty in a razzia, or else self-destruct in the presence of infidels then they can screw 72 mythical virgins in Allah’s bordello in the sky. Beta-males are often encouraged by their relatives to become suicide bombers because of the belief that such murderous ‘martyrs’ will be able to intercede with Allah to take 70 of their relatives to paradise with them.

Mohammed's ghazwa against Meccan caravans
The Army of Muhammad is back. This was the message buzzing in radical Islamist circles yesterday as the world tried to absorb the shock of the terrorist attacks in Bombay, India's economic capital. While it is not yet clear which group was behind the attacks, it looks as if the perpetrators were trying to imitate the tactic of ghazwa, used by the Prophet against Meccan caravans in his decade-long campaign to seize control of the city. The tactic consists of surprise no-holds-barred attacks simultaneously launched against a caravan or settlement with the aim of demoralising the enemy and hastening his capitulation.

Murder, arson, rape and enslavement of non-Muslims is the greatest piety
Jehad is a perpetual war against infidels which include Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Deists, Skeptics as well as Jews and Christians. According to this doctrine, a person's biggest crime is to deny Allah and Muhammad's exclusive right to be believed in and adored. Therefore, this is a sufficient cause for a Muslim state to raid and subjugate non-Muslim territories. What is amazing is the fact that Allah bribes the Muslims to wage Jehad by declaring murder, arson, rape and enslavement of non-Muslims as the greatest piety whereas even an ordinary human thinks of them as the most heinous atrocities and acts of utter moral degradation.

Razzias against England and Western Europe
The Islamic terror began in ‘the terrible summer of 1625’ when North African corsair slave raiders invaded and devastated the southern coasts of England, and for a short while even raised the green battle standard of Islam over English territory that had engraved upon it the terrible promise “The gates of Paradise are under the shade of swords .” From the coast of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Southern Ireland the Islamic slave raiders murdered and stole away entire villages to be sold into slavery in the Islamic Empire of the East. The slavers in 1625 from that one raid alone then returned to Algiers with a thousand British men, women and children to be sold into slavery. In total the North African Islamic pirates abducted and enslaved more than 1 million – 1.3 million White Europeans between 1530 and 1780 in a series of raids that depopulated coastal towns from Sicily to Cornwall.

To keep the slave population stable, around one-quarter had to be replaced each year, which for the period 1580 to 1680 meant around 8,500 new slaves a year, totalling 850,000 slaves taken. The same methodology would suggest 475,000 were abducted in the previous and following centuries. From 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas. According to one estimate, 7,000 English people were abducted between 1622-1644, many of them ships’ crews and passengers who were stopped and seized by slave traders mid voyage.

Seaborne Islamic jihad against Britain which lasted for no less than two centuries.
On my travels for the past few days, I have been reading a book which tells the story of a quite astonishing part of British history of which I was previously unaware. In 'White Gold', Giles Milton records the appalling details -- gleaned,it appears, from a wealth of historical documents including diaries and letters -- of a seaborne Islamic jihad against Britain which lasted for no less than two centuries.

From the early seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, thousands of British men women and children were kidnapped by Arab corsairs and sold into slavery in Morocco where they were kept in conditions of unspeakable barbarism. The astounding thing is that these British victims were not merely seized at sea where they ran the gauntlet of such pirates in places such as the Straits of Gibraltar. They were actually abducted from Britain itself.

Corsairs from a place in Morocco called Sale -- who became known in Britain as the ‘Sally Rovers’ -- sailed up the Cornish coast in July 1625, for example, came ashore dressed in djellabas and wielding damascene scimitars, burst into the parish church at Mount’s Bay and dragged out 60 men women and children whom they shipped off to Morocco. Thousands more Britons were seized from their villages or their ships and dispatched to the hell-holes of the Moroccan slave pens, from where they were forced to work all hours in appalling conditions building the vast palace of the monstrous and psychopathic Sultan, Moulay Ismail, who tortured and butchered them at whim. Most of them perished, but the book records the survival of a tenacious Cornish boy Thomas Pellow, who survived 23 years of this ordeal and whose descendant, Lord Exmouth, finally ended the white slave trade when he destroyed Algiers in 1816.

The book makes clear that this assault upon the British people (and upon Europeans and Americans who were similarly seized) was a jihad. The Sally Rovers, writes Milton, were called ‘al-ghuzat’-- the term once used for the soldiers who fought with the Prophet -- and were hailed as religious warriors engaged in a holy war against the infidel Christians who were pressurised to convert to Islam under threat of hideous punishment. What is even more striking was the response of the British crown. For almost two centuries, it made only the most ineffectual attempts to rescue its enslaved subjects. Those who had succumbed to the torture and inhumanity of the Sultan and converted to Islam were deemed to be no longer British and therefore outside the scope of any rescue. The pleas of Pellow’s parents were simply brushed aside. Popular outrage forced successive Kings to dispatch a series of feeble emissaries to try to get the Sultan to end this vile traffic and release the slaves, all to no avail.

But this went on for virtually two centuries. For almost 200 years the British state either sat on its hands or wrung them impotently while the Islamic jihad seized, enslaved and butchered its people. And then it appears, this staggering onslaught was all but airbrushed out of our history. Food for disquieting thought.


revereridesagain said...

Because that would be RAAAAAAACIST of course. Need you ask?

revereridesagain said...

I can only hope that when the terror prong of the pincer manoeuvre manifests again that those who still stand ready to defend us will do so, whether the "Commander in Chief" wills it or not. He will defend us only if he thinks it will benefit Islam in the long run.

It would seem that hitting us with violent jihad here in the US right now would be the most foolish thing they could do, given the howling Islamophilic campaign being waged on their behalf by the Left.

Anonymous said...

revereridesagain, how's this for RACIST?

Jihadis are inciting the genocide of whites in SA...

Khallid Muhhammed (Black Panthers) and other black racists saying "One bullet, one (white) baby" (apparently this site sometimes gets targeted for denial of service attacks, so if you can't access the page, just try again at another time)


Keep in mind that 14 Somali al-Shabaab rebels recently entered SA and received refugee status. The government refuses to comment on where they went since.