Friday, August 27, 2010


Human Events:

Pigs of Waste
by Ted Nugent

Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn just released a report on more insane and wasteful blow torching by Fedzilla (the federal bureaucracy) of our tax dollars on things we don't need or want and only someone mentally deranged would allow.

After reading an article that illuminated the most wasteful examples of torching our tax dollars, I'm surprised my request for a federal grant to study gopher hunting with grenades on the White House lawn was denied. Seemed like such a gimme.

Fedzilla shoveled two million of our tax dollars into a fire pit so that the California Academy of Sciences could send photographers to the Southwest Indian Ocean and to East Africa to take pictures of ants. That's right, ants.

Seventy-two thousand more of our hard-earned tax dollars was given to Wake Forest University so that they could set it on fire by studying how monkeys react when stoned on cocaine. Read the Kurt Cobain story. It's been done.

If that isn't insulting enough, Georgia State University received almost $700,000 to determine how monkeys and chimps respond to "distributional inequality" and "unfairness." Rumor has it that Koko the gorilla responded "yes" by pressing a blue button when asked if she thought the study was discriminatory because gorillas were not included. King Kong could not be reached for comment. Jane Goodall, please report to your parole officer immediately.

$500,000 more of our tax dollars were torched by replacing windows in a Mount St. Helens visitors' center that was closed nearly three years ago due to a lack of interest. Maybe Fedzilla could see fit to hire me for $250,000 to study how fast I could break out all the windows with a sling shot and a bag of a marbles while wearing a live rabid badger as a loin cloth.

Fedzilla set fire to 7.3 million more of our tax dollars on two San Antonio fire stations that the good citizens of San Antonio had already agreed to pay for. Now that Fedzilla has entered the picture, the fire stations have not been built because of so many typical Fedzilla conflicting and confusing regulations. I would have much rather seen 7.3 million of our tax dollars used to set a mountainous stack of Fedzilla regulations on fire in front of the Alamo and invited the entire city out for a hotdog and marshmallow roast.

Sixty-two million of our tax dollars was set on fire to build a light rail system in Pittsburgh that connects two sports stadiums and a casino. Even Democrat Governor Rendell called the project a "tragic mistake" in 2009. Imagine that, a Fedzilla project being a tragic mistake. Shocking stuff. Who could have imagined? Say it ain't so.

This mind boggling report is just the latest in a long line of mind boggling reports that have identified how Fedzilla torches hundreds and hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in the most bizarre, illogical, unaccountable ways. A quick search on “government waste” will illuminate even more outrageous and wasteful Fedzilla spending orgies. The waste will stagger your imagination and choke you.

Martin Gross wrote a wonderful, albeit outrageous, book a few years ago titled The Government Racket: Washington Waste from A to Z that identified dozens and dozens of costly and wasteful Fedzilla projects. Buy this book, send it to your congressman and demand a book report.

The reason Fedzilla can set our tax dollars on fire with reckless abandon is because there is zero accountability in the District of Clowns. They have lost complete touch with ordinary Americans who sent them to the stinky Pelosi Swamp to spend our money wisely and judiciously. Instead, gobs of our tax dollars are wasted or lost which is standard operating procedure by the out-of-touch Fedzilla pigs in the District of Clowns.

America's internal anger radiator is boiling over. Good. I personally operate at maximum volume and efficiency when my anger meter is pegged. Tea Party, America?

I'm like a bad dream to Fedzilla, however, when Fedzilla wakes up the nightmarish dream becomes a reality. Real Americans like the Tea Party and me won't go away and the New Nuge Ultra-Anger Express Train is picking up steam. Hop on and get angry. It’s our job.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ted -

Who are the disinfranchised conservatives? We are. The Neocons who control the Republican Party have not recognized nor relented power to us, nor have they set forth a new set of principles that reflect our Paleoconservatism. Those new national conservative Republican candidates who win this November may not be strong enough to dramatically change those globalist Republican platforms put in place by Neocons over 25 years ago. We must demonize those in our party that are unwilling to adopt Paleoconservative principles, or we lose in 2012. The fight is more critical at the national level, cause Congress sets the National Agenda.


Mr. Kim R. Grice
Westminster, CO

Please read "The PaleoConservative" at: