Monday, August 30, 2010

State Department Condemns Israeli Rabbi After He Damns Palestinian Leaders, Still Silent on the Palestinian Calls For Genocide Against Joooos on a Daily Basis

So much bias it’s hard to fathom, Palestinian TV calls for genocide against Israel all day, every day and the Zero Regime says nothing but condemns an Israeli rabbi in less than 24 hours.

Go read the whole thing at Weasel Zippers.


Anonymous said...

Wilders: 'Our culture is better than the retarded Islamic culture'

Epaminondas said...

Now what would that CLEAR, OBJECTIVE double standard have to mean about the the State Dept of the USA?

You know, the one from which George Marshall QUIT when Truman told him he was supporting the existence of Israel.

It's really informing when paranoia meets reality and they match