Monday, October 18, 2010

Presented without comment .. another in a series of Iranian announcements

Iran building state-of-the-art battleship


Iran's Defense Ministry is constructing the most advanced domestic multiple-purpose battleship, the acting commander of Iran's Navy says.
Rear Admiral Gholam-Reza Bigham told Fars News Agency on Thursday that the battleship would shore up the country's "deterrence capabilities."
The high tonnage of this battleship, the commander said would enable it to carry out missions in far-off waters.
According to Bigham, the battleship, which is to be domestically constructed, would be among the world's most sophisticated warships. The commander added that Iran's naval forces were fully prepared to defend the country's territorial waters as well as to cooperate with neighboring countries in establishing regional security.
In line with its defensive doctrine, Iran has been equipping its navy with high-tech and high-speed missile boats, frigates, vessels, and submarines

Yes, that is the picture of this large battleship.
No, I don't really know if they have any idea of how they sound.

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cjk said...

Sure has the look of 60,000 ton displacement and 18 inch guns.

Seriously, why should a nation which adheres to the tenets of the most perfect man who ever lived take the time to condescend to an understanding of Kuffir vocabulary? As far as they're concerned 'battleship' is good enough for us.

They really do have the mentality and morals of illiterate street thugs. Sorry if I've offended any illiterate street thugs out there assuming somebody read this to you.