Thursday, October 07, 2010

US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America

From CBN:

Saudi-funded textbooks being used in America's K-12 classrooms.

Teaching, among other things, that Jesus was a "Palestinian," the state of Israel never existed, and that the Muslims discovered America before Columbus. At this rate, perhaps even Saudi grade-school textbooks, complete with jihadi and dhimmi declarations, will come to instruct American school-children.

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"Public Schools Teach the ABCs of Islam," by Erick Stakelbeck for CBN News, October 9, 2008: - Several recent studies have shown that American students are alarmingly ignorant about U.S. history and world events.

Experts have contributed the problem to everything from failing schools to substandard teachers.

But what about content?

For instance, did you know that Muslims discovered America? Or that Jerusalem is an Arab city? That's just some of the "history" that students in America's K-12 classrooms have been taught in recent years--with the help of taxpayer money.

A new report by the non-profit Institute for Jewish and Community Research finds that American high school and elementary textbooks contain countless inaccuracies about Christianity, Judaism, Israel and the Middle East.

The Institute examined 28 of the most widely-used history, geography and social studies textbooks in America. It found at least 500 errors.

One book ignored the Jewish roots of Christianity, saying the faith was founded by a "young Palestinian" named Jesus.

Another stated as fact that the Koran was revealed to Mohammed from God.

Yet another said ancient Jewish civilization contributed "very little" to to the arts and sciences.

Textbooks like these are used by millions of schoolchildren in all 50 states.[...]

Harvard is one of 18 universities that receives government funding under Title VI of the Higher Education Act of 1965. To qualify for that funding, the universities are required to conduct outreach to K-12 teachers, helping them to shape lessons for schoolchildren. Elementary and secondary teachers have taken full advantage of the arrangement: after all, they believe they're getting expert insight on Islam and the Middle East from distinguished university scholars.

"You have a lot of politically naive teachers--well intentioned teachers who do want their students to learn more about Islamic history," says Stotsky. "It has not been well covered in most history courses they've ever taken, so they do genuinely want to learn more for themselves and teach their students more."

In some cases they may be getting more than they bargained for: the Saudi government has donated millions of dollars to Middle East Centers at universities that receive Title VI funding.

The Harvard Middle Eastern Studies Center--whose recommendations to the Massachusetts Board originally drew Stosky's concern--is one of them. As CBN News reported earlier this year, the Harvard Center received a $20 million donation from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in 2005. Georgetown University--another title VI recipient--also received $ 20 million from the Prince that same year.

It's through these Title VI university centers--all of them government-sanctioned and taxpayer supported--that Saudi-funded materials find their way into K-12 classrooms.

"Saudi donations to American universities should be seen in a much larger picture of Saudi promotion of a Saudi point of view," said Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia. "Whether it be Islamic or political, the Saudis have a point of view. And they have been very clever and very generous over the decades to promote that point of view."


revereridesagain said...

OT, but here we have Saudi-funded Muslim propaganda being preached in our schools under the guise of textbooks plus half the kids don't even know who Washington was, and yet, what does that effing bible-thumping hyperreligious conservative IDIOT Jim DeMint from South Carolina have time to worry about? Sexually active unmarried women teaching their precious little kiddies -- not unmarried men who are screwing everything they can get their hands on every night, mind you, just those brazen hussy jezebels without wedding rings on their fingers -- oh yeah, and gays.


Thank you. We now return to the topic at hand.

No wonder we have so many college age nitwits who scream "racist" and "xenophobe" whenever Islam is criticized. Our schools are damned Saudi dawah factories. Thank goodness for Texas. Maybe some of their sanity will spread.

abdooss said...

News on Saudi prince's homicide trial in London

Always On Watch said...

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

One reason the West is sinking is that the West doesn't train the young people in the value of our culture.

Always On Watch said...

The plan is at DawaNet. HERE.

SamenoKami said...

muslims were first on the moon too.

revereridesagain said...

Yeah, Same, but unfortunately not enough of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised that the education boards are letting these lying texts from Saudi Arabia slip through the cracks.
Most Americans are woefully ignorant about the danger of the death-cult of islam. They are also ignorant about what goes on in the world outside of the continental USA. In the 1980's the National Geographic Magazine conducted a very simple test of geography in all the high schools in America. The grade 10, 11 and 12 students were put in front of a globe of the world and asked to put their finger on America. Did you know that 95% of the 130,000 students did not know where the USA was in the world? With ignorance like that, how do you expect education boards to discover the outright lies about islam in Saudi-sponsored books?
Here's another thing. One of the books studied said "... ancient Jewish civilization contributed "very little" to to the arts and sciences." Excuse me, but that is an outright and blatant LIE by the islamic authors of the Saudi-sponsored book. The death-cult of islam has contributed NOTHING to the world but death, barbarism and terror. How many muslims living in islamic countries have been awarded a Nobel Prize? NONE - not one over the history of the prize. In contrast, there have been over 167 Jewish Nobel Prize awards over the same time - for music, science, physics, medicine, literature, and peace. And yet this book blatantly lies about the non-contribution of islam to the world.
It is high time that the west woke up and forbids islam and muslims from ever coming to the west. It has to be done, otherwise the west will be lost.

Pastorius said...

Yes, you are correct about the contributions of Jews, and the Jewish religion.

However, are you sure you have that stat correct about 95% of 80's kids not knowing where the U.S. is on a world map?

That's a little hard to believe.