Thursday, May 26, 2011

Florida bar dismisses greivance suit against John Stemberger

It was first reported 6 days ago, but is still very important to write about: the Florida bar association has dismissed the greivance complaint the Muslim lawyer Omar Tarazi filed against John Stemberger, Rifqa Bary's lawyer:
On Thursday, May 19, 2011, The Florida Bar signed filed a voluntary and complete dismissal of the grievance complaint brought against Rifqa Bary's attorney, John Stemberger, who is a leading conservative Christian advocate based in Orlando, Florida. In the proposed final Report of the Referee, the judge found no ethical violations and wrote "I recommend the matter be dismissed." The Final Report of the Judge/Referee is subject to approval by the Florida Supreme Court.

Rifqa Bary was the teenage Muslim-to-Christian covert who made international news in 2009 after fleeing her parents and the radical Islamic community in Columbus, Ohio when threatened with an honor / apostate killing for her conversion. Stemberger represented Bary in the Orlando dependency case before the jurisdiction of the case was transferred to Ohio. Rifqa's legal team won her case on August 10, 2010 when they secured her dependency status away from her parents and eventually obtained her immigration standing as a permanent U.S. legal resident with a track to become a citizen in about four years.

The formal filing by The Florida Bar was a "Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice" which permanently dismisses the entire Complaint and all three of its alleged charges against Stemberger.
Stemberger himself had something to say about how bar associations in the USA are sacrificing themselves to PC-ness:
"Integrated Bar Associations around the country are slowly losing their identities as merely professional associations created to educate and regulate lawyers. Instead, many are becoming increasingly ideological and political. Additionally, many institutions of society, including bar associations, are bending over backwards to accommodate members of Islam as a new protected class. Instead of championing constitutional free speech rights, bar organizations are opting for enforcing political correctness."
This is another reason why the Republicans have got to renew the bill they tried out a few years ago to protect against frivolous lawsuits. And this is a very serious case that bar associations around the country are going out of their way to sell out American values for the sake of backwards beliefs. It's another something that needs to be tackled in debate.

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