Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Want To Tell Me The Brits Are Not Making Fun Of Our President And His Wife?

You think this photograph just just happened by accident? You think the photographer could not have taken the photo from another angle? The Editor could not have used another photo for his layout?


I mentioned earlier today that I think the band who began playing God Save the Queen during Obama's toast ought had done so on purpose in order to embarrass the Yankee President.

Some, in fact all Conservative commentators, may disagree.

But, this you just can't deny.

Look people, when they make fun of our President on issues that have nothing to do with substance, they are making fun of America.


Anonymous said...

I do not take it as the Brits poking fun at America. I honestly believe that Brits are making fun of Obama personally. They do not like him because he has thumbed his nose at them for the past two and a half years. Examples: Returning Churchill's bust, giving the Queen an iPod loaded with Obama's speeches, etc...

Unknown said...

I believe the same as anonymous.
they're just aiming at the Obama's.Another snub he gave the british "He refused going to the Royal society who were planning to give him a medal." Sources close to the state visit said members of the Royal Society were “deeply offended” by the snub and had accused Mr Obama of being obsessed with his “street cred”. see MFS -The other News.

Anonymous said...

i'm not making fun of the americans:



Always On Watch said...

I'm not sure that I chalk up these two incidents as some kind of feud on the part of the Brits.

With regard to the toast to the Queen, even if the orchestra was playing prematurely, Obama should have known to stop speaking, then have resumed the toast with an appropriate "quip." Not a mean quip, but rather an appropriate one. He could have turned the incident to his advantage, I think. Of course, any such turning to his advantage would have required that he think on his feet -- a skill he doesn't show much adeptness at.

As for the photo, the newspaper shouldn't have used it, IMO. Were I the editor, I know that I wouldn't have used a photo that even hinted that Michelle Obama was sporting some kind of outlandish hair do. I also note that on this visit Michelle Obama has been more elegantly dressed -- much more nicely dressed than on the couple's first visit to the UK.

Now, it is true that the Obamas' first visit to the UK contained some errors of etiquette and protocol. But I find it hard to believe that the Brits, who are so big on standing on ceremony, would deliberately ridicule the Obamas and the United States in the manner presented in this post.

Just my two cents.

SamenoKami said...

Since by Odama's actions he appears to hate America, I don't care if the whole world makes fun of him.