Friday, May 27, 2011

Obama For Another Four Years?

In Front Page Magazine, Phyllis Chesler opines:
President Obama’s election is due, in part, to the desire among many American liberals and leftists to be seen as “atoning” for the sin of racism and the crimes of slavery. The fact that Obama is bi-racial—his mother was white—matters little since he looks like an African-American. Indeed, the President’s own writing focuses on his African, Muslim roots, especially because his Kenyan father abandoned both him and his mother.

In an era of symbolic identity politics and affirmative action, only one kind of candidate could trump Obama’s credentials and that would be an African-American woman....


Given the extraordinary pathology of Bush Derangement Syndrome, and short of Armeggedon, I do not believe that enough Americans will, without doubt, elect another white male Republican. No matter what his politics may be, he himself will be seen as retrograde, anti-woman, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, pro-racism, pro-war and as both dull and evil. The media, combined with Soros and Saudi monies and our intelligentsia have poisoned the minds of millions....
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Have we really reached the point that whom we elect to the Oval Office depends upon race and gender?

Is white guilt that powerful a force?

Is gender correctness that powerful a force?


When Obama was elected in 2008, many Americans rejoiced, "We are living in an unprecedented time!"

Of course, electing an African-American President was indeed unprecedented for America. There is no denying that fact.

But what tide has been set in motion with this idea of "We must continue with unprecedented times"? Shouldn't political platform be the deciding factor for voters and not race and gender?

When I first read Chesler's essay, I thought to myself, "She's way off base." But the longer I think about what she has written, the more I think that she has a valid point.

Something has gone very wrong with the American electorate. We have lost sight of what deciding upon a political leader should mean.


Pastorius said...

I wrote WAY BACK IN 2005 that the Republicans only hope to win 2008 was to run Condi.

But, she blew that out the window.

I agree with Chesler.

Always On Watch said...

My point is that race shouldn't be the whole ball of wax in an election.

Race should be a non-factor if we're really going to be a post-racial America.

Anyway, if the GOP cannot win in 2012 without running an African-American woman, just who is that woman? Condi Rice?

Pastorius said...

Our ideals do not matter. Reality is what matters.

What Chesler says is true, in my opinion.

Like I said, Condi blew her chances right out the window with her lack of strength during the second term. She went down with the sinking George Bush ship.

No one would vote for Condi at this point.

Pastorius said...

Anyway, as things are, the Republicans have no chance, in my opinion.

They don't have a single good candidate.

Always On Watch said...

The entire political scenario is depressing.

Benue said...

Like I said a good while back, the Bible Code guy said on Coast to Coast Obama will win re-election. It really looks like he was right because as you said, the GOP doesn't have any good candidates.

Pastorius said...

The Republican Party is useless, as far as I'm concerned. John McCain was a TERRIBLE CHOICE.

I expect their choice will be just as stupid this time.

SamenoKami said...

Eighteen months is an eternity in politics. I'm not throwing in towel yet.
Plus even a moderately decent Rep. candidate can run against Odama's record.
"Are you better off now that 4yrs. ago?" will play well w/all but the black and commie-lib voters, who will vote for Odama in the 90% range no matter what.
It will require someone who will go toe-to-toe w/Odama and not back off just because he's black-ish.
We're talking ourselves into losing and the election is 1 1/2yrs away.
Get a grip.

cjk said...

You're right SamenoKami.
I would like to see Herman Cain run anyway in order to shove the racism charge right up the left's ass with a splintered chair leg. He may have made some miss-speaks, but those are minor league when compared to The Man-Child. As far as his character goes, any problems are sure to be T-ball league when compared to the precedent.

The real problem is that whoever the candidate is, he won't be running just against Obama. He will be running against the MSM, academia, the unions, elites, multiculturalists, pop culture, Hollywood, world opinion, every filthy race pimp, etc.

Just by being black Cain will be able to dilute a good percentage of their attacks.