Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Malaysian journey from darkness

By the AntiJihadist

For most Americans and those reading this, the nation of
Malaysia--the country I call home--is likely nothing more but a mysterious, distant, small and relatively unimportant land. Some of you might be familiar with Malaysia's carefully cultivated public image of being some sort of harmonious multicultural tropical paradise, which is recycled endlessly in 30-second-long television spots both here and overseas. 

But for anyone who may be trying to come to grips with the grim reality that is
Islam, Malaysia may be one of the most important places on the planet. That's because anyone who still, despite all the evidence, feels that there really is a moderate, progressive, tolerant and peaceful Islam, need look no further than Malaysia. Once you do, you'll be thoroughly disabused of this notion.

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Damien said...

The Anti-Jihadist,

I hope the authorities don't find out what you're doing. You're very brave.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. Continue to be brave. You are an inspiration to everyone who faces the grim reality of the true nature of Islam on a daily basis.

Monstrous totalitarian ideology bent on total world conquest. Maniacally engineered to simultaneously promote strife and horror while at the same time benefiting and feeding off of same.
Craftily shrouded in intentional fog of war mystery and mysticism to fool the unwary and weak minded. Producing and spreading vile sub-human behavior and gut wrenching evil wherever it is allowed to take hold.

And Islam totally sucks.

Godefroi said...