Monday, May 30, 2011

Wait a minute Muslims, you can't drink that!

by the Anti Jihadist

The watchful folks in the Malaysian Government are hot on the case of a 'halal beer' that's surfaced here in Malaysia.

An unnamed minister from the Prime Minister's department--near the very top of the Malaysian power structure--has stated that this so-called halal beer, marketed as having only .01 percent alcohol, had been tested by Malaysia's Religious Police and found to have .5 percent alcohol. This goes way over the line; Allah have mercy! Naturally, in the interests of protecting Muslims and Islam, such a beverage will be immediately banned and removed from shops. Arrests of the producers, distributors and/or sellers of said forbidden beverage are likely to follow.

The fact that the Religious Police ('JAKIM', or 'Islamic Affairs Department' in English) in Malaysia routinely conduct such investigations into such minutiae, with sweeping powers of investigation, arrest, and imprisonment, will raise no eyebrows in Malaysia. But for those outside of this country, such a state of affairs should aptly illustrate the totalitarian nature of Islam. JAKIM enforcers are a common sight in Malaysian hotels, nightclubs and other 'sinful' spots, as these thuggish figures struggle to keep Malaysia's Muslims 'safe from vice'. And woe betides anyone who happens to be in their way.

In fact, to be a Muslim here, or anywhere else for that matter, is exactly like being treated as a child. You are permanently rendered as incapable of exercising judgment or having any appreciable freedom in your life, beholden to an never-ending list of 'do's' ('halal') and 'don'ts' ('haram') that govern every conceivable facet of your public and private existence. When Muslims aren't busy persecuting insufficiently devout Muslims or followers of competing belief systems, they endlessly argue about what's 'haram' or 'halal' in our fast-changing modern world, according to 1400-year-old religious teachings from the deserts of Arabia.

So, if you consciously decide to become a Muslim, you might as well turn your brain off--you won't need that where you're headed!

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