Monday, July 30, 2012

National Culturists Emerge in Britain

Today I learned of the formation of a National Culturists political organization in Britain.  They are actively spreading the words "Culturism" and "Culturist" in an effort to protect Britain.   Mr. Jack Buckby, an acitivist and political science major at the University of Liverpool, serves as the Chairman of the National Culturists.  He spoke at the European National Movements Conference on culturism, and is setting up university chapters, which may perhaps ask for culturist courses along side the multicultural offerings. 

The National Culturists website carries a video of Buckby's capable speech.  He suggested that we adopt the terms "culturism" and "culturist" to win back the public dialogue.  Even in Britain, multiculturalists call anyone who points out that diversity can account for significant differences in meaningful characteristics such as educational and economic attainment "racists."  Cultural diversity is real and important.  When we spread the words, Buckby tells the conference, we can take back the dialogue. 

The National Culturists have grown rapidly.  Many political parties have taken to the terms "culturism" and "culturist" under their leadership.  They are not a political Party.  They have gotten members of various Party's to agree to join the moment in spreading the words "culturism" and the "culturists."  They have also networked with Churches and Pagans as these comprise the traditional majority culture of Britain.  

In a video, Jack Buckby says he welcomes all who support the maintenance of the traditional majority culture, regardless of religion or cultural background or sexual orientation.  This provides a worthy culturist goal of including all who respect, if not seek to assimilate into, the traditional majority British culture. And, were more time in the video, Buckby might have noted that to protect British and Western culture maintains the world's only safe havens for LGBT persons.  

In sum. I like this new National Culturists organization.  

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