Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan Begins, Bombings, Death, and Horse Humping Ensue

Man tries to have sex with horse. Horse kicks his head in.

(Spain) Ramadan is a time of reflection,peace of abstinence; Food, evil thoughts  But as we have seen the past few years Muslims are expert hypocrites and in Spain we have the perfect example.
Diario de Alermia reports that a North African male has been hospitalised with a caved in face after the mare he tried to have carnal relations with decided that she was having non of that (Well it is ramadan)  and kicked him in the face resulting in a very broken face.
Here is the screen dump of the above link translated:

Ramadan death toll India, Sat 21st July, 2012

Ramadan death toll Iraq, Sat 21st July, 2012

Ramadan death toll Syria, Sat 21st July, 2012

Ramadan death toll Pakistan Sunday 22nd July, 2012

Ramadan death toll Afghanistan, Sun 22nd July, 2012

Click on the titles to get the whopping totals for each country, from Eye on the World.


Unknown said...

I did not know that 'horse meat' was 'halal'. :).

Anonymous said...

Great thread. Still people see the writing on the wall and don't heed the warning?

Stop all pisslamic immigration to the Americas NOW!