Saturday, July 21, 2012

Obama And the Aurora Massacre And Lowering The Flag To Half Mast

Does THIS speak volumes, or what?  I nearly had a meltdown when I read the information below!

With a hat tip to Maggie's Notebook:
When 14 persons (one unborn), most of them military personnel on the base at Ft. Hood, Texas, were murdered by Islamic terrorist and U.S. Military Colonel Nidal Hasan, America’s flags were not lowered to half mast until the next day. Today [July 20], by at least 2:30 pm EDT, the order came down from on high to lower our flags in a sign of mourning for the victims of today’s shootings inside an Aurora Colorado movie theatre showing the much awaited Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

In the case of Ft. Hood, Obama had to be bullied into the national gesture of mourning
by Texas patriot, Anita Ross...
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Unknown said...

He couldn't use the Fort hood 'Shooting' for pushing the U.N. small arms treaty.
This possible "fast and furious II" on the otherhand is perfect for his purposes.

Blue said...

Aurora will be forgotten about tomorrow, at least temporarily, when the NCAA announces the PSU punishment for covering up Sandusky's pedophilia. Sad, eh? College football is one of the highest priorities in Amerika.

I wonder what distracted us from our duties and responsibilities as American citizens and allowed us to sink to where we are today?