Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NBC's Boondoggle Of Olympics 2012 Coverage

Related to this previous post here at IBA, from this source:
...'Our programming is tailored for the U.S. audience,' spokesman Greg Hughes simply explained after outrage over the weekend.


...Americans, who NBC suggested would not be interested in a tribute to victims just because the tragedy did not occur in their country.

'Can you imagine the BBC opting to cut out a tribute to 9/11 at a future Olympics held in the States because it wasn't "tailored for a UK audience"?' Daily Kos fumed.

'If that happened... the switchboards at BBC Broadcasting House would have blown a fuse.'

The segment's choreographer and dancer Akram Khan said he was 'disheartened and disappointed' that NBC cut the entire segment, while his director Nicholas Wolaver branded it 'disgraceful'.

...NBC is known for cutting away for small portions of the opening ceremonies to make way for averts, but U.S. commentators say they have never heard of it skipping a whole performance before....
Now comes THIS, dated July 31, 2012:
Online backlash as Twitter locks out Independent reporter

...The US television broadcaster NBC was at the centre of controversy last night after it persuaded Twitter to suspend an Independent journalist who criticised its coverage of the Olympics.

Guy Adams, this newspaper's Los Angeles correspondent, was removed from the social networking site on the day that he wrote a news story detailing widespread public complaints about the network's coverage of the London Games.

According to Twitter, he was suspended for a message posted during the Opening Ceremony, when NBC prevented viewers of America from watching live coverage, so that the network could screen the occasion during an evening prime-time slot coveted by advertisers....
Advertisers, huh? Just who ARE those advertisers?

Of course, NBC's response has been one of "We didn't do it. TWITTER did it."

According to Guy Adams, NBC has "a relationship" with Twitter.

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