Monday, July 30, 2012



They REALLY want to go there???



Always On Watch said...

The Wimp-In-Chief rides a girl's bike.

Romney rides horseback. Maybe.

Unknown said...

"Gutsy Call"-

Epaminondas said...

Just another say anything attempt

cjk said...

Romney was my last choice for the candidacy except of course for Ron Pluto Paul. As of late I have to say that he's actually showing himself a lot more tougher than I expected.
He's really coming off as a fighter which is such a relief after the disgusting, despicable, performance of J. McShame four years ago.
Come to think of it, J. McShame is performing despicably this year also.
Anyway it always seems like the left has this childish type of desire to voice their wishes out loud as if they were true regardless of actual reality.