Friday, July 27, 2012

Pentagon's 30,000 Pound Bunker-Buster Is Ready

Coming to a bunker near you, Mahmoud

Although there has previously been a bigger nuclear device, the new conventional rocket is six times the weight of the previous bunker-buster used by the US Air Force, and carries an explosive payload of 5,300 pounds. 
US military chiefs openly admitted the weapon was built to attack the fortified nuclear facilities of “rogue states” such as Iran and North Korea. Although the Pentagon insists that it is not aimed at a specific threat, unnamed officials within the ministry have repeatedly claimed the bomb is being tailor-made to disable Iranian nuclear facilities at Fordo, or at least to intimidate Tehran. 
Iran is working at breakneck speed to expand its Fordo uranium enrichment facility, which is built inside a mountain in the heart of the country, and has previously been declared “impregnable” by senior officials in Tehran. Iran has often paraded its fast-advancing nuclear program, while denying that it intends to build a nuclear bomb. 
Earlier this year, the Pentagon rapidly diverted $120 million in two separate tranches from other weapons programs to MOPs. The money was transferred to significantly redesign and upgrade the precision-guided missile to provide “an enhanced threat response” against the “deepest bunkers.” 
Donley’s claim can be read as a reassertion of US determination to thwart Iran’s atomic ambitions. 
Whether the MOP would be able to actually destroy Fordo is open to debate and may not be known by either of the sides. 
The effectiveness of bunker-busters depends on the strength of the soil into which it plunges, how well it makes contact, and the internal structure of the facilities. In the case of Fordo, the US may only have a sketchy idea of its layout. 
At best, the US believes a successful strike could set the Iranian program back several years, and, at worst, to at least collapse the passageways to the facility and force substantial rebuilding work. 
Two bombs can be mounted simultaneously on a modified B-52 bomber, and a US official previously claimed the effectiveness of any operation would depend on how many “tries at the apple” the US bombers get. 
Nonetheless, even if the MOP can be of limited effectiveness against Iran, the United States has precious little alternative. The only other weapon capable of destroying such a facility from the air would be a tactical nuclear missile.
Meanwhile, Iran is threatening the U.S. yet again:

Iran: "If virus attacks on Iran continue, U.S. will get its teeth knocked out"

 They're so cute when they try to act tough.


Epaminondas said...

People are not thinking clearly.
If we block the passages, then for little real damage we have confirmed to the mullahs, AND THE IRANIAN PEOPLE we will attack them without the USA her allies truly having won strategically. The mullahs will then proceed in the open with PROOF they need nuclear weapons to deter attack on them.
If we attack we have to be COMPLETELY certain the program is destroyed.

That means either certitude FROM THE GROUND, or use of weapons systems which leave no room for doubt.

Is anyone ready for either?

All or nothing, my friends, the mullahs will allow no other option

Anonymous said...

AS if the P*ssies in Washington would ever use it. wishful thinking.

We could have an event 10 times worse than 9/11, our government would go in the corner and suck their thumb.

Maybe someday we'll have real, strong leadership... but that isn't today sadly.