Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are you kidding me?

Weiner is at it again!

FYI: Today is National Hot Dog Day.


Anonymous said...

The site says Weiner also offered to help the unnamed woman procure a blogging gig with POLITICO.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/anthony-weiner-apology-94626.html#ixzz2ZuBKbP9A

His wife, Huma, gave birth to their son in Dec. 2011. This latest scandal occurred after the child's birth, so any reconciliation after the first scandal is moot given his proclivity to instant gratification.
If Huma endures this latest scandal, it will confirm this marriage is a scam to serve political interests of the self absorbed "Carlos Danger" and the Muslim Brotherhood. It's amazing how much the brotherhood is willing to overlook to gain access to political influence. It's not at all surprising to witness how little their regard for women is, given Huma is simply a useful tool for both MB & the brainless dick .

Pastorius said...

AOW, you see what anonymous wrote here?

That's what I was getting at on the phone.

Always On Watch said...

I just saw the comment.

Seems logical to me!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Huma gets her orders from the MB and she is a "good and faithful servant."
Just like Amanpour, the mullah's Mata Hari.

Anonymous said...

Consider also, the advantage of supporting an ambitious political candidate with many flaws - i.e. Carlos Danger/Anthony Wiener - from the Muslim Brotherhood point of view, of course.

Should Huma finally reach the breaking point in her humiliation, more than likely she has obtained enough intimate details about her spouse and his extended family to provide significant enough targets of weakness to bring this politician to his knees.
Flaws, be they of character or financial nature, provide the fulcrum to serve Muslim brotherhood's advantage.

Now that I mention it, Clinton/Bosnia, Clinton/Benghazi, Carter/Iran etc. hmmmmmm.

Always On Watch said...

Yeah, it's coitus interruptus.

Charlie Rangel defended Weiner in 2011, and Rangel is defending Weiner now -- something about how the people will forget in time for the primary.

Rangel should know, huh?

BTW, Bill Clinton officiated at the Weiners' wedding.

You can't make this stuff up! Too implausible! But TRUE! Sheesh.

Always On Watch said...

Hey, is using the name "Carlos" some type of racial profiling?

Anonymous said...

Rangel-Clinton-Weiner . . .each flawed with easily exploitable weaknesses, making it all too convenient to bring this nation to it's knees.

Add an electorate with an IQ similar to that of Rachel Jeantel- and the result Hank Johnson (Guam sinking), Bobby Rush NBP, mad hatter Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, Cynthia McKinney etc. etc.

It's efforts like yours AoW, that bring much needed sanity back into the classroom. Thank you.

Always On Watch said...

Why, thank you for the compliment!

I work in a very limited venue, so I don't reach a lot of students. **sigh**

Even so, I love what I do: teaching students how to think for themselves.

Today, I conducted a private tutoring session for two boys (Grade 7 and Grade 9). We finished our study of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and will next study Animal Farm.

These two delightful young men are the children on a Chinese couple who left China some 15 years ago. The mother also attends the tutoring sessions, and today she participated actively in my introductory lecture to Animal Farm. She had so many personal insights regarding what it's like to live under Communism. I know that she grieves the past few years; she sees what is happening to America.